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65 tips that are guaranteed to get more followers on Twitter

Make your Twitter profile known

1. Learn the typical Twitter terms

Make friends with specific terms you'll come across on Twitter. This includes your Twitter handle, your feed, retweets and trending hashtags or topics.

2. Create a meaningful description

Based on your profile description, potential followers will decide whether to follow you or not. Briefly introduce your company or person. Make sure your profile reflects your brand.

3. Keep your description up to date

Use the space and update your profile description with events or campaigns. Also include a specific link if, for example, you are hosting a webinar or offering special discounts.

4. Make your Twitter account known on other platforms

Create a Twitter tab on your Facebook page and enter your Twitter profile on other social networks such as Google+ or Xing on which your company or person is active.

5. Promote your Twitter account on your blog or website

Add a live feed to your Twitter accounts on your website (often in the sidebar) and make sure that it contains a "follow button". Also make sure that there are social media buttons for sharing under your posts.

6. Post your most successful tweets on your website

To do this, click on the three dots under your tweet and on "Embed tweet". Copy the displayed code into your website.

You can see what it looks like here:

Founders use these free tools and services to make their #startup successful https://t.co/3XsTc8Axqqpic.twitter.com/EnM7zVknNC

- Young founders (@Junge_Gruender) April 25, 2016

7. Advertise your Twitter account offline

Point out business cards, flyers and other promotional materials on your Twitter account and make it easier for others to follow your account.

8. Add your account to your email signature

Don't forget to add your Twitter account to your email signature along with other information such as your address or your Facebook page.

9. Mention three other Twitter users each day

Make it a habit to @mention three other Twitter users a day.

10. Use your Twitter account to log into forums

If you use your account as a login, your Twitter handle is often indicated in your biography in the respective forum. This will bring you additional followers if you draw attention to yourself in the forum.

11. Add your Twitter account to guest posts

Make sure that your Twitter handle can be found in the author's box for guest posts.

12. Subscribe to Twitter directories

Even today there are still people who look in directories for interesting companies or topics. You can register your account in special Twitter directories.

Follow other target group-relevant people and companies

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13. Follow back target group-relevant followers

So you can retweet their tweets, which are also interesting for your followers, or react to them. Plus, they'll be more likely to retweet your tweets if you followed them.

14. Follow accounts that are thematically similar accounts to you

This way you draw the attention of target group-relevant users to yourself. Use the “Who to follow?” Column on Twitter or tools like Tweepi.com.

15. Follow opinion leaders

Find influencers in your target audience, follow, and interact with them.

16. Make industry leaders your followers

Connect, mention, and retweet industry leaders. If they follow you, be sure to keep in touch with them. A retweet from a highly regarded account in your target group is very valuable.

17. Send direct messages (DMs) to your followers

Interact with your followers via direct messages or send them a welcome message as soon as they follow you.

Caution: The latter can also be regarded as spam if the messages are sent automatically with a tool. You should definitely test how your followers react to it.

Use hashtags

18. Use hashtags

Use a maximum of three hashtags in your tweets. This means that users who do not know your account but follow the hashtag can also see your tweet.

19. Watch and use the trend hashtags

Watch heavily used hashtags in the left sidebar and add them to your tweets. You can also compose a tweet about a current topic if the topic overlaps with your target group.

20. Use company-specific hashtags

Create your own Twitter community and create your own hashtags that draw attention to your company, an advertising campaign or a competition.

21. Use general hashtags

Find general, thematically appropriate hashtags and use them to expand your Twitter reach. These can be places, feelings or special events in the calendar, for example.

22. Search for tweets with related keywords and hashtags

Search for relevant keywords like your company name or your products. Also, look for new hashtags relevant to target groups that you haven't used in your tweets yet.

Use best practices

23. Be informative

Remember the 80/20 rule: Tweet 80 percent of related content and only 20 percent about yourself.

24. Be original

Tweet content from yourself or content from other Twitter accounts from your target group that you would also read yourself.

25. Be inspiring

Tweet pictures and quotes. Images and quotes are the most shared on Twitter.

26. Twitter blog posts

Tweet short summaries of your current and previous blog posts and link to them.

You can see what that can look like here:

65 books that every #entrepreneur should read according to #RichardBranson https://t.co/zezTdTDrG6 via @Junge_Gruender

- Young founders (@Junge_Gruender) May 7, 2016

27. Tweet about breaking news

Twitter was originally used to spread current events. Spread messages yourself that are related to your industry or your account. Of course, you get an advantage if you are one of the first to spread the word.

28. Ask questions

Questions open up dialogues and encourage your followers to get in touch with you.

29. Use pictures

36 percent of the content shared on Twitter is images. Pictures often encourage followers to retweet, which means that your tweets get more attention and you can increase your number of followers.

30. Use videos

Twitter is becoming more and more video-friendly - use short Vine videos or upload videos that are related to your company or yourself.

31. Repeat your favorite tweets

Track which Tweets get the most attention and retweet them at a different time of day.

32. Keep it short

Try to use fewer than 140 characters - this makes it easier for other users of your tweets to retweet, quote and @mention them.

33. Ask about RTs

Tweets in which the word "RT" is inserted are retweeted 12 times more than without RT.

34. Ask about retweets

Tweets that contain the word “Retweet” and are written out are retweeted 23 times more.

35. Don't use auto-tweet

Do not post the same thing on all social networks: Although you can share the same topic several times and at the same time in different networks, you should adapt your language to the respective network.

36. Don't tweet quick tweets

Only tweet when you really have something to say that would interest you. Try to spread your tweets over 24 hours as different users are online at different times.

37. Be a good writer

Even though Twitter has increased the maximum number of characters in a tweet to 280, it remains a short message service.

Therefore, formulate your message without filler words and get the content short and to the point.

38. Write great headlines

With the character limit, you can see tweets almost like headings - so take a look at what makes headings attractive and why visitors click on a post.

Communicate with others

39. Talk to your customers

Again, pay attention to the 80/20 rule: Talk to your customers in 80 percent of your tweets, respond to customer inquiries, handle part of the customer service via Twitter.

40. Retweet your followers

Show that your followers are important to you and retweet their target group-relevant tweets to your followers.

41. Tweet other blog posts

Distribute other blog posts when your company or a topic that is of interest to your target audience has been mentioned. Tag the author using the @mention function.

42. Mention followers and special customers

Tag followers using the @mention function and tell your followers what to expect on their Twitter channel. Mention them, for example, as part of Follower Fridays (#ff) and recommend your followers to follow the corresponding accounts.

43. Use the. @ Mention function

If you only use the @mention function, the mention will only be seen by the selected account. With a period (or other text in front of the mention), the tweet about the mention becomes public.

44. Keep an eye on your Twitter account throughout the day

Other users want to get in touch with you: So check your Twitter account 3-4 times a day and interact with other users.

45. Reply to mentions (@mention)

Reply and start a dialogue if someone mentioned you on Twitter using the @mention function.

46. ​​Respond to retweets

Thank other accounts when they retweet something from you.

47. Form partnerships with other companies

Mention business customers or other companies and support each other on Twitter. So you both achieve a greater reach and your followers get new insights.

Such a tweet can look like this, for example:

Founders use these tools to manage their bills https://t.co/4p0PBI6eB5 et al. @fastbillnews, @lexoffice and @billomat

- Young founders (@Junge_Gruender) May 3, 2016

Do marketing for your account

48. Do competitions and the like

Create interactive competitions such as surveys about a new product, pictures or videos and interact with your followers.

49. Hold the competitions regularly

Regular competitions lead to habits among your followers. Weekly competitions or surveys at the same time increase the interaction with your followers.

50. Offer exclusive deals

Offer your followers deals that they can only use if they follow you.

51. Use competitions and giveaways

Give your followers the opportunity to win or receive something for free on your Twitter account.

52. Use sponsored tweets

Use sponsored tweets to spread your high-reach tweets and show them to potential followers.

53. Use sponsored trends and accounts

Use other Twitter ads to promote your account or a specific hashtag.

54. Limit your ads

Set up your ads so that they are shown to accounts that are thematically related to your own Twitter account.

55. Post a new product on Twitter

Tweet live from a product launch and let your followers on Twitter participate. Use other tools like Snapchat to keep your followers up to date.

Analyze and improve your account

56. Analyze your Twitter account

Use Twitter Analytics or third-party software to do this.

57. Analyze your links

Use URL shorteners like Bit.ly and analyze the click rate on your links.

58. Tweet at different times

Test tweets at different times and use social media management tools to schedule tweets.

59. Tweet on the weekend too

Analyze when your tweets are most read and shared. Also tweet on the weekend when your customers are online.

60. Constantly improve your tweets

Analyze your Twitter activities and constantly improve your Twitter account. If pictures are very well received by your followers, you should post pictures regularly, use hashtags if they are particularly well received by you.

These were 60 tips with which you can improve your Twitter account and gain more followers.

Are you still there? Then it continues with tools that support you in setting up your Twitter account.

These tools will help you get more followers on Twitter

Buffer and Hootsuite: Buffer and Hootsuite help you plan your Twitter activities.

Followerwonk: With Followerwonk you can find other Twitter accounts, analyze them and optimize your own.

Tweepi: Tweepi supports you in the administration of your Twitter accounts and enables the expansion of your followers.

Twitonomy: Twitonomy offers in-depth analysis of tweets, retweets, hashtags and more.

Twitter audit: On Twitter Audit you can check your own and third-party Twitter accounts for fake followers.

Is there a hack to get more Twitter followers?

The following video shows a "hack" that will quickly get you some followers on Twitter:

Buy Twitter followers - does it make sense?

Have you ever dealt with the topic of buying Twitter followers or did you not even know that you can buy your followers on Twitter?

Various platforms such as FollowersKaufen and Social Media Daily offer the opportunity to help with the number of followers for your own account.

How useful it is to buy Twitter followers is controversial. A report on Spiegel.de and a blog entry on www.andreasrickmann.de show that it makes little sense.

We didn't buy any followers for our Twitter account. However, in our opinion, buying followers can make sense for new accounts, because Twitter accounts with 500 instead of 50 followers are followed more often.

In the long run, however, “real followers” ​​should follow your account, as only they will interact with your account and buy your products / services.

By the way, on Twitter Audit you can check your own and other Twitter accounts for fake followers.

Practical insight: Interview with Lukas Herbst from StartupBrett.de

Lukas Herbst is the founder of StartupBrett.de and has built around 14,000 Twitter followers since October 2014. We talked to him about his strategies and tips.

Hello Lukas, please introduce yourself to our readers.

My name is Lukas Herbst, I am 37 years old and the founder of the online portal StartupBrett - a kind of bulletin board for the startup scene, on which we present startups free of charge and founders can tell their personal stories. I am also the founder of the Updatenode cloud solution, which enables software manufacturers to distribute their software centrally.

I have been working full-time for an international software security company for about 11 years. I am married and have two children aged two and five.

Since the start of StartupBrett.de in October 2014, you have built around 11,000 Twitter followers. Did you follow certain strategies or tips when building your Twitter reach? And if so, which of them worked best?

Basically, at StartupBrett I implemented what I missed with my first start-up: Working on the public image in good time.

So I deliberately started a month earlier and didn't just point out the upcoming launch. My main task was the dialogue with my target group - the startups and founders.

I also shared a lot of foreign content that fit thematically well. This enabled me to draw the target group's attention to my account and make important contacts in the scene.

Do you use tools in day-to-day business that you use to manage Twitter, and if so, what are they?

I now use tools that support me in my daily work, but I would advise against it when setting up a Twitter account. The best way to be seen on a network is to be there.

In the beginning, the focus should not be on automation, but on the liveliness of your Twitter account. At some point, however, something gets in the way and the daily plan is gone.

So today I use Buffer to organize relevant content for the next 24 hours. If you like Hootsuite, you can also check out TweetDeck. Both tools promise a better overview. Personally, this just confuses me unnecessarily.

I prefer to reduce my focus to 2-3 social networks and immerse myself directly in the action. So directly within the respective platform.

Finally, do you have any special tips for beginners who want to set up a new Twitter account?

I just summarize briefly:

  1. Start in time.
  2. Share constantly. Better to start with a little more than too little.
  3. Put the focus on Twitter and at most one other network. No more.
  4. If you want someone to follow you, you have to follow someone every now and then. Look at who is following you and seek dialogue.
  5. Write naturally, be polite, and avoid URL shorteners.

Thank you for the interview, Lukas, and we wish you continued success.


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There are different strategies to get more followers on Twitter.

You should test for yourself which of the above tips are suitable for your Twitter account and analyze the results.