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Camera equipment

I continued to do some research on the subject. Apparently it is (until now) impossible to take photos or to film in SL if you are not there live with your agent / client.

Looks interesting from the cam ... maybe I'll just buy it (or the cheaper option ).

Click to enlarge ...

You could ask yourself what a photo camera is for if I do have the snapshot function - as I said, I need a camera that can be set up and that always takes exactly the same picture after logging out and logging in.

That's why I tested both cameras. First of all, if you are interested in it, don't buy it from SL-Exchange but directly in Sekond Life from Merlin's (Merlin Alphabeta). There is the "Personal Edition" for L $ 200 (can only be operated by the owner) and the "Studio Edition" for L $ 1200 (anyone can take a photo with this).

The operation is a bit complicated because there is no notecard (I only checked it after talking to the scripter):

You set up the camera (set angle, height, etc.), right click and go to "get ready" now you get a mini-item in your inventory, you have to wear this item, as soon as that has happened you will be asked if you are want to take a photo, but before you click on "Photo" you must first press the Esc key and then the button. Now you can see the motif from the camera perspective, as I said above: you have to snap it yourself and do not take an automatic snapshot.

Greez Tix