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Ken Carson is in a male version of the barbie dolls. Barbiehad been a boyfriend since 1961Ken (named after Ruth and Elliot's son Kenneth). He was slightly taller than his girlfriend and had mostly modeled hair until 2000. More male adult dolls were calledKens Called friends. Ken is Barbie's boyfriend and is at her side with help and advice. He has blonde hair, blue eyes and a washboard stomach. He is one of the main characters in the web series Barbie Life in the Dreamhouse. Ryan, Raquelle's twin brother, is his rival in the series and tries to separate the two. Ken`s favorite color is blue. In addition to Ken, there are other male Barbie characters and dolls.

  • Ken Carson (1961-1967, 1969-present) Ken has been introduced to a male version of the Barbie dolls. Ken has actually been considered Barbie's friend for a long time. After a short break, they got back together. In 2004, Barbie separated from Ken and settled on it with an Australian surfer namedBlaine a. But after years of separation pain at the beginning of 2011, Ken did everything in his power to win back Barbie and had the manufacturer Mattel place large-format posters all over New York, on which he proclaimed his unbroken love for Barbie ("Barbie, we may be plastic but our love is real."). Just in time for Valentine's Day, a spokeswoman for Barbies said in theToday Showthat Barbie and Ken are officially a couple again. According to the 1960s Random House books, Ken's full name is Ken Carson. In Barbie Fashion Comic No. 34 from 1993, Ken's mother is named Edna. In Barbie Fashion Comic # 52 from 1995, Edna's father is named Kenneth. In Brazil in the 1980s, the Estrela company named the doll Bob instead of Ken (from the book Barbie Doll Around the World, by J. Michael Augustyniak, copyright 2008 Collector Books). He is a main character in the "Barbie: Life in the Dreamhouse" series.

Ken's family and friends

  • Alan Sherwood (1964-1965, 1991, 2002) This sign has been revived several times. Allan started out as "Ken Buddy" and was paired with the Midge doll from the start. In 1991 a series of dolls that created a wedding for Alan and Midge was created. Later, a family-themed line of dolls, similar to the earlier heart family, had the two characters, a family (see list below of characters from this line).
  • Brad (1970) This African-American male doll was available in two versions: Reden and Brad Brad With Bendable Legs. He was from a completely new face sculpt that is known as the Brad Face Sculpt. The Brad character was introduced as a friend for the Christie character.
  • Curtis (1975) This African-American male character is practically identical to Brad, so only one version was available in 1975 Free Moving Curtis. Curtis was the friend of the Free Moving Cara doll.
  • Todd (1983) This doll was only available as a groom character paired with the character Tracy from the same year. This Todd doll uses the 1978 superstar Ken face sculpt.
  • Steven (Friend ofChristie , 1988-today. linked to Barbie's friendNikki since 2007) This doll has been in the lineup intermittently over the years, and has used several different face sculpts during that time.
  • Tommy (1997) was little brother Ken.
  • Derek (1985) was never a true friend to Ken, but a contrahent. This was a guy, probably of Hispanic ancestry, that Barbie joined as a member of The Rockers.
  • Kurt (2005) new Fashion Fever friend of Barbie; first male doll in this line; Tango Ken / Blaine face sculpt
  • Ryan (2012) is Raquelle's twin brother and Ken's rival. He is a main character in the "Barbie: Life in the Dreamhouse" series.
  • Barbie is Ken`s boyfriend


  • Barbie Fashion Magic in Paris (2010)
  • Barbie and the Secret of the Glitter Fairies (2011)
  • Barbie life in the Dreamhouse (2011) (web series)