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NoteApple Boot Camp (Bootcamp) is only a Possibility, Windows on Mac to install. Take a moment to find out if Apple Boot Camp is the optimal solution for your requirements.
Here are other options: Install Windows on Mac.

Boot camp

In this guide, you'll learn how to Microsoft Windows with the help of Apple Boot Camp on a Mac with OS X install.

Apple has OS X for this "Boot Camp Assistant"included. A helpful program that will help you prepare, install and configure Windows on your Mac supported. It loads the support software, partitions your hard drive and creates a bootable USB stick to install Windows and all necessary drivers.

Please make a backup of your Mac with Time Machine beforehand.

Requirements for Windows on Mac OS with Boot Camp

To install and configure Microsoft Windows on your Mac, you need the following:

  • an Apple Mac computer with an Intel processor
  • a USB keyboard and mouse (iMac) or a built-in keyboard and trackpad (MacBook)
  • a current OS X installation (the latest OS X version is strongly recommended)
  • at least 30 GB of free hard disk space
  • at least 2 GBRAM
  • Boot Camp Assistant (in the "/ Applications / Utilities /"or"/ Programs / Utilities /")
  • a 64-bit Microsoft Windows version, e.g. Windows 7, 8 or Windows 10 or newer as an ISO image, CD or DVD
  • USB stick with at least 5 GB memory

Install Windows with Boot Camp

The Boot Camp Assistant does most of the work for you.

He prepares the installation by creating an installation medium (USB stick) for Windows 7, 8, 10 or newer, downloading the latest Boot Camp drivers for keyboard, mouse, trackpad, camera, graphics card, network interfaces and adding them to the Enclosed installation medium.
Then he creates a partition for the installation of Windows according to your requirements and starts the actual installation of Windows on your Mac.

So first open the "Boot Camp Assistant"via Spotlight with the shortcut CMD + space bar.

Boot Camp Assistant - Introduction
The first step is to explain exactly what the Boot Camp Assistant is.

Boot Camp Assistant - choose tasks
Via the button "Continue"you get to the second step. Here you have to define the tasks to be carried out.
The choices are:

  • Create installation medium
  • Download the latest software from Apple
  • Install Windows

We want everything.
It goes on via "Continue".

Boot Camp Assistant - Create Bootable USB Drive for Windows Installation
Now it gets interesting. Select your Windows source medium using the "Select" button. This can be a Windows ISO image, CD or DVD. Make sure that under "Target medium"Your target storage medium is displayed, e.g. your USB stick.
The data saved on the target medium will be deleted during the process!
It goes on via "Continue".

Boot Camp Assistant - Create a partition for Windows
In this step your hard drive will be split into two parts - "partitionedYou can change the size of the partitions using the slider, but there should be at least 30 GB available for the Windows partition.

After completing the Boot Camp Assistant, the Mac will restart; you may have to help it choose the correct boot medium by pressing the Alt key during the restart. Hold down the Alt key during the system start to get to the boot manager. There you can choose from which medium your Mac should start, here you choose the USB stick "WININSTALL" out.

The usual Windows setup begins. Click your way through the installation dialog to the selection of the installation location and select the partition with the name "BOOTCAMP".

The message "Windows cannot be installed on disk x, partition y ...". Mark the line with the Bootcamp partition by clicking on it and choose from the options that appear below the list"Formatting"and then confirm"OK". Now the"Further"-Button should be active. - If this is not the case, take a look at the Troubleshooting section.

As soon as the installation of Windows is complete and you have logged into Windows for the first time, the "Boot Camp installer". This installs all Windows drivers required for the Mac.

A restart is requested after the driver installation is complete. It is important to ensure that no device installation is active any more. At least in our test setup there was still a window in the background with an active device installation.

After the restart, the Install Windows on Mac with Boot Camp completed.


My Mac always starts in Windows / OS X

Turn off your Mac completely. Turn it on and hold down the Alt key, the "Boot manager", here you can choose which operating system you want to start.

This behavior can be seen in the system settings under "Startup disk" establish.

"Windows cannot be installed on the disk. The selected disk corresponds to the GPT partition style."

During the Windows setup dialog, the "Boot camp"Partition on which Windows should then be installed.

If the message "Windows cannot be installed on disk x, partition y ..."so mark the line with the boot camp partition with a click and choose from the options that appear below the list"Formatting"and then confirm"OK".

Now the "Next" button should become active. - If it doesn't, restart your Mac. In the OS X disk utility, delete the "BOOTCAMP"Partition via the" - "button, open the"Boot Camp Assistant"Again. Let this create the partition one more time (selection of tasks to be carried out).

Please always pay attention to which partitions you choose! One wrong click can cost you your entire OS X installation and data.

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