Why is a sneeze difficult to contain

Sinusitis in children

The baby runny nose can provoke a drinking weakness

The common cold is particularly unpleasant for babies because they breathe almost exclusively through their noses, even when they are drinking or breastfeeding. The obstruction of the nasal breathing makes them understandably restless to tearful.

It becomes really difficult to eat. Your baby must first learn that with a blocked nose, he or she can no longer drink and breathe at the same time. A scenario that is all too well known to many mothers then goes like this: The infant takes a long gulp from the breast, but cannot breathe in the process. So he throws his head back and starts screaming. By screaming, the baby can breathe again, slowly comes to rest, and starts drinking again.

With the next sip, the uncomfortable cycle, which is exhausting for the child and mother, starts all over again. It may even lead to a drinking weakness in the infant, as a result of which he misses urgently needed fluids and nutrients. The night's sleep can also be significantly disturbed by the cold.

That is why it is important to clear the mucus from your baby's nose quickly, gently and hygienically. A nasal aspirator can be helpful here. Your child cannot blow their own nose yet. Make sure that it can quickly breathe freely again. Further information on treatment can be found here.