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Plants against mosquitoes: The 10 best plants for repelling mosquitoes

What is that humming? Bees, flies or bumblebees: With these ten plants in the garden, it is definitely not a mosquito.

A mild summer night, a beautiful garden and a cozy spot on the terrace. It could be so nice. But unfortunately little bloodsuckers like mosquitoes like to spoil the beautiful summer evenings. But instead of using chemicals or taking refuge in the house, you can also easily and naturally drive away the pungent pests. Some plants scare away mosquitoes naturally with their smell. These ten plants are special mosquito insects - that's why we like them even more.


1. Basil

Basil is not only a must in the kitchen: the Mediterranean herb also keeps annoying mosquitoes at bay. The reason for this is its essential oils, which not only delight the palate, but also give off a smell that the mosquito does not like. So don't banish the basil in the herb bed, but give it a place of honor on the terrace. It will thank you with a mosquito-free summer.

2. Lemon Monard

The lemon monard is a subspecies of the Indian nettle and is not only characterized by its colorful flowers. In English the plant is called “Bee Balm”, which is probably due to its attractive effect on bumblebees, bees and other beneficial insects. Mosquitoes, on the other hand, don't like the lemony smell of the plant at all and make a long way around the flowerbed. As a result, the colorful flower not only creates a beautiful atmosphere - it also ensures that it is not disturbed by biting mosquitos.

3. Catnip

A feast for cats, a horror for mosquitoes - catnip is also a good protection against lousy mosquitos. One of their essential oils called nepetalactone may attract cats, bees, and bumblebees, but mosquitoes avoid it and is considered ten times stronger than the most popular chemical mosquito repellent DEET. So the green plant pays off not only for cat lovers.

4. Lemongrass

We love lemons - but mosquitoes really don't like the fresh scent of the tropical fruit. So it's no wonder that bloodsuckers also avoid the intense scent of lemongrass. The effect is particularly intense if you cut up the lemongrass or grind it in a mortar - the escaping oil is the real reason for the deterrent effect and takes up the whole room with its fresh smell.

5. tomato

Who would have thought? The tomato is not only a popular plant for the vegetable garden and a delicious ingredient in the kitchen - the plant with its intense smell also drives away almost all annoying insects. In order to achieve the best possible effect, the tomatoes should not be spread out in the garden, but in pots in the place where they should protect. So you can not only relax and enjoy the evening, but also pick a small snack from the tree every now and then.

6. Lavender

Lavender not only helps against poor sleep and moths in the closet - its strong smell also drives mosquitoes away. The sensual scent is extremely pleasant for many people and the purple flowers are not to be despised as a decorative element in the garden. Since the effect is mainly caused by the essential oils of lavender, lavender oil is not only an insider tip for efficient mosquito protection, but also replaces perfume.

7. Garlic

Ancient legends say that garlic is an effective remedy against vampires. Even if the protection against vampires sounds ridiculous today, there was a bit of truth hidden in the legend. The little blood-sucking relatives of the vampire, also known as mosquitoes, hate garlic just as much as the famous fantasy figure and stay away from the bulbs if possible. That is why garlic is not only useful in the kitchen, it is also an insider tip against mosquitos.

8. Lemon balm

The fresh smell of lemon balm is appreciated by many people. Mosquitoes, on the other hand, can't stand the smell and prefer to stay away from lemon balm. If you want to be protected from mosquitoes outside your garden, you can also crush lemon balm and apply it to the uncovered parts of the body. But lemon balm is not only useful as a mosquito repellent: the green leaves are also used as a medicinal plant and in the kitchen.

9. Walnut

People recognized early on that the walnut tree had a deterrent effect on all kinds of insects. In the past it was customary to plant the walnut next to the dung heap, as it drives away mosquitoes as well as blowflies and horseflies. The essential oils of the tree are real guarantees for a mosquito-free zone. The walnut collects additional plus points in autumn: In addition to relaxing quiet in the evening, the walnut also provides delicious nuts to nibble on.

10. Rosemary

Rosemary is not only a delicious spice for potatoes and meat - the Mediterranean shrub also contains a large amount of essential oils, making it a real miracle weapon against annoying bloodsuckers. In addition, the rosemary is extremely easy to care for and robust, which makes it a perfect match for the herb bed. If you want to increase its effect, you can also use a little trick: placed on a grid over a lantern, the oils of the rosemary evaporate and spread even further - so mosquitoes no longer have a chance.

We not only perceive mosquitoes as pests, wasps can also be very annoying for us in the summer months. In this article we have put together which plants really help against wasps.

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