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Last update: May 22nd, 2021, 3:29 pm

At the edge of a depression moving from the North Sea towards Skagerrak, moderately warm sea air of subpolar origin flows in. WIND: Today, with the exception of the extreme southeast, widespread stiff, in some areas also stormy gusts (55 to 70 km / h, 7 to 8 Bft). In the ridges and peaks of the low mountain ranges and the Alps, gusts of wind (around 85 km / h, 9 Bft), exposed heavy gusts (around 100 km / h, 10 Bft), on the Brocken gale-force gusts (around 110 km / h, 11 Bft). On Sunday night on the coasts and in the north of Schleswig-Holstein, stiff to stormy gusts (55 to 70 km / h, Bft 7 to 8) from the west, otherwise clearly waning wind. On Sunday, stiff to stormy gusts continued from North Friesland to Rügen. Waning in the afternoon. Also in the north and in the middle occasional stiff gusts of 55 km / h (Bft 7) cannot be ruled out. THUNDERSTORMS: Today during the day initially in the east, in the afternoon also in the northwest and west as well as isolated thunderstorms along the Upper Rhine with stormy gusts (around 75 km / h, 8 Bft), locally also gusts of wind (around 85 km / h, 9 Bft) and small grains Hail. Thunderstorms that subside at night. On Sunday in the north, east and south-east local thunderstorms with similar side effects as today.


Prediction - today

Regional gusts of wind and storms, gusts of wind during thunderstorms.

This afternoon in the north and west alternating, initially mostly cloudy and at times shower-like rain, in the course of local thunderstorms. In the east and northeast alternating cloudy and individual showers or thunderstorms. Between East Saxony and the Upper Rhine and generally in the south, on the other hand, hardly any showers with longer, cheerful sections. Maximum values ​​of 12 to 20 degrees locally in the east and south. Moderate to strong southwest wind with stiff to stormy gusts, in the higher mountains and near thunderstorms at least gusts of wind. In the evening the wind eases. On Sunday night in the far south and in the south-east with lots of clouds, rain at times. Otherwise, especially in the western half, occasional showers, in the east larger loosening and mostly dry. Cooling down to 9 to 3 degrees, in the eastern mountains to 1 degree. Decreasing wind, only on the mountains and at the sea stiff to stormy gusts.


Forecast - tomorrow

On Pentecost Sunday alternating, to the east and south-east often very cloudy at first, especially in the west and south-west, later also in the south partly serene for a long time. Especially in the eastern half, there were always showers, occasional thunderstorms, subsiding in the course of the afternoon from the west. Maximum temperature 13 degrees in the Bavarian Forest to 20 degrees on the Upper Rhine, a little cooler on the North Sea. Not as windy as the day before, but moderate and sometimes strong gusty west to south-westerly winds, in the coastal area as well as in the mountainous region sometimes stormy gusts. On Monday night initially dry, often clear in the southern half. In the course in the north-west and west there was an increase in dense cloud fields and then some rain. Also in the very south, dense clouds with some rain. Temperature minima around 10 degrees on the Lower Rhine to 2 degrees in Franconia, with longer clearing in the middle and in the south local frost near the ground.


Forecast - the day after tomorrow

On Whit Monday in the northwest half, many clouds with showers or shower-like rain, in the course of the course also sporadic thunderstorms. In the east and south-east initially sunny or slightly cloudy, gradually increasing clouds over the course of the day and rain in the south-west in the evening. Occasional rain before south of the Danube. Maximum values ​​between 14 and 20 degrees, in the southeast and east 19 to locally 25 degrees. Moderate, in the west and northwest, fresh and strong gusty southwest wind. Stormy gusts on the mountains and on the North Sea. In the evening, the wind eases. On Tuesday night, shower-like rains gradually shifted to the south-east, and only local showers in the west and north-west. Lowest values ​​10 to 4 degrees. Initially, the wind continued to decrease, at the end of the night in the west and north-west the wind increased again.


Forecast - Day 4

On Tuesday in the south and east initially rain, on the Alps for a longer period of time, otherwise showers and individual thunderstorms with varying to heavy cloud cover. Maximum values ​​between 14 and 18 degrees. Moderate to fresh, in some areas strong gusty southwest wind. Stormy in the mountains. In the night of Wednesday, especially in the northwest and west, shower-like rains continued, otherwise waning showers. Temperature drop to 8 to 5 degrees, sometimes up to 3 degrees in the mountains.