What are the biggest mistakes made by President Trump

4 USA experts explain his biggest mistakes and dare to look ahead - 1 year of Trump: how much longer?

On November 8th, 2016, something happened that hardly anyone would have thought possible. Democrat Hillary Clinton canceled her fireworks in New York and left real estate tycoon Donald Trump the stage in Manhattan. He had won the election of the 45th President of the USA, it lost it.

In the twelve months since he was elected, the Republican has set new standards in many ways - he lost in court, he wronged himself hundreds of times, he is under investigation, but he's still there ...


In BILD, four USA experts estimate Trump's first year after the election.

Christian Hacke, USA expert

► His biggest mistake: “It does not reconcile, but divides America further and, at the expense of liberalism and cosmopolitanism, favors a new militant racist nationalism, which, however, has more supporters in the USA than we imagine in Germany; in the process, he is about to massively change politics and society in the USA. Trump personifies an America that has always existed, but which only led a shadowy existence in the liberal era of the USA after World War II, but is now gaining new attractiveness in the wake of democratic overconfidence and the decline of the USA. "

► His most important success: "The weakness and turmoil of the Democratic Party and the current almost unconditional obedience of the Republicans give him a surprising amount of political room for maneuver, which he tries to use populistically to his own advantage."

► The Trumporakel - how long will it last? “The question of whether Trump is only a temporary populist phenomenon or whether he will change the USA permanently cannot be answered at the moment. So far, his mistakes, omissions and bad taste are difficult to grasp legally; therefore the USA and the world will probably have to adjust to living with this serious puke longer than most would like. "

Thomas Jäger, University of Cologne

► His biggest mistake: “Two defeats stand out above the others. The first is that Obamacare did not succeed in replacing it and changing it profoundly. He had to accept three defeats in parliament. And that's after Republicans have been preaching for years that Obamacare is the devil. That was a serious loss of assertiveness that Trump had to cope with here. The second is that he failed to suspend entry from certain predominantly Muslim countries. Several courts have rejected his decrees. In both cases, the American president was shown the limits of his power. Trump can only handle that moderately well. "

► His most important success: “That depends from which point of view. For the Conservatives, the greatest achievement was that Neil Gorsuch became a Supreme Court judge. He is only 50 years old and will ensure conservative judgments there for a long time. For those looking to restrict free trade, the greatest achievement was that Trump ended the Trans-Pacific Free Trade Agreement (TTP). For the foreign policy hawks it was particularly important to declare Iran an enemy again. For Trump himself, however, the most important thing was that he managed to keep his electorate together. He is constantly campaigning and even if it is said that he is an unpopular president, a closer look at the numbers shows that his support among the Republican voters is unwavering. That is why only those MPs who do not want to be re-elected complain against him. Everyone else knows that they cannot be re-elected against him. "

► The Trumporakel - how long will it last? "If special investigator Robert Mueller does not find really strong material in the investigation into secret agreements between the Trump team and Russia: 20.1. 2025. "

Jackson Janes, Johns Hopkins University Washington

► His biggest mistake: "... to believe that his famous business experience can be directly applied in government work."

► His most important success: "Perhaps it is a wake-up call to everyone that the political processes are in urgent need of reform - at all levels."

► The Trumporakel - how long will it last? "At least until 2020."

Josef Braml, German Society for Foreign Policy

► His biggest mistake: ... To terminate the Trans-Pacific Partnership that his predecessor Obama had negotiated. That was actually a deal that Trump could have liked - because the remaining states had to make some concessions in trade and currency policy in order to receive further military protection. I would have expected a dealmaker to get it wrapped up. He has now given China the opportunity to thrust into a vacuum that the USA left behind. "

► His most important success: “Trump first kidnapped the Republican Party, now he's replacing it entirely with his anti-subversive, libertarian network. The libertarian network, which had already thwarted the party leadership of the Republicans in Congress time and again when finding a compromise with Trump's predecessor Obama, now even knows about a like-minded person in the White House: Donald Trump will claim the political support of his network for the upcoming tax reform take - also with a view to his possible re-election. "

► The Trumporakel - how long will it last? “You cannot rule out and should expect that Trump will last the entire four-year term. One should even expect that he will be re-elected. However, if something comes to light on the part of the intelligence services and the special investigator in the Russia affair, it could end sooner.

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