Are boys sportier than girls

Boys are more athletic than girls

GIFHORN. Parents and teachers can rest assured: The students in the district do absolutely average in the state-wide fitness test - according to the result of the Lower Saxony Ministry of Education and Cultural Affairs.

"An indicator of how fit the students are is how many of them are better than the national average," says the press spokesman for the Ministry of Culture, Georg Weßling. For the girls in the district that was exactly 10 percent, for the boys 10.1.

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In absolute terms, the girls from Gifhorn do a little worse, compared with the other districts, however, a little more clearly: The girls in the Harburg district are the most athletic (15.3 percent), the worst in Friesland (6.3). The fittest boys also live in Harburg (14), the worst in Wilhelmshaven (6). "It's not because of the supply of sports facilities and the cooperation with clubs," said Weßling - Gifhorn's infrastructure index is above average.

Oliver Lempa, sports teacher at the Dietrich-Bonhoeffer-Realschule in Gifhorn, is behind the test, which was also highly controversial in this country last year: "It will be really exciting for the students when they finally have their own passwords for the Internet Then you can see exactly: "How do I stand?" "However, he also notes that the test was very time-consuming:" The input server was often overloaded. "

However, comparing numbers alone does not help anyone: "The question is: What happens now? Are the framework guidelines now being changed?" Because even if Gifhorn does relatively well, it is a fact that athletic fitness is falling rapidly across the country (see article yesterday in the Lower Saxony and region section).

"It would be important that we get more sports lessons" - this is what Petra Opitz, chairman of the district parents' council, advocates. "But there I see black."