What are a couple of mehndi designs

60+ Pakistani Mehndi Designs

Mehandi has been a part of India and neighboring countries for centuries and has gained so much popularity that the demand for it has crossed many borders. Often referred to as henna in western cultures, many westerners apply it to their bodies like a tattoo. With so many people trying their hand at henna, there must be some variation. And so in this article we are going to talk about these variations in Indian and Pakistani mehandi designs.

Just like in India, Pakistani mehndi designs are a symbol of art, culture, tradition and celebration. However, these two countries have different styles of mehandi. While the Indian mehandi designs are mostly done in intricate patterns, the Pakistani mehandi is generally brave. Black henna is more trendy than brown. One can easily distinguish the Arabic mehandi from the Indian mehandi, but the Pakistani mehandi is a combination of these two styles. The Pakistani mehandi is the best of both worlds. Just like in India, every bride in Pakistan adorns her hands and feet on her D-Day with beautiful henna patterns, which are considered very cheap. In addition to weddings, henna is also used on other occasions such as EID. The patterns can vary, but the meaning remains the same. While in western countries getting a henna tattoo is more of a fashion statement, in countries like India and Pakistan it has deep cultural meaning. Not only are they so beautiful that you snap for more, but they're also considered pure. Hence, Pakistani mehandi designs are suitable for multiple occasions.

Pakistani mehandi designs are so simple that you can try doing it yourself with a little practice. However, you will need the skills to perfect the intricate patterns. This type of design has more intricate motifs and because of this, you can play around with different fashion trends as you wish. Besides the usual paisley, peacock, dot and mango designs, you can find many other patterns that are worn by the women. So we've made a list of gorgeous Pakistani mehandi designs that you'll want to book an appointment with right away!

1. Pakistani motif designs

The central motif here is the paisley and domes which give the entire design a regal and regal look. The intricate patterns are extremely beautiful, and the decision to go for identical patterns for the legs and hands is an excellent one. Such a design is complex and would take hours.

2. Simple floral designs

This is an extremely simple floral design that is very popular in Pakistan. It may seem a bit minimalist, but it's elegant. You can add more details to make the design a little more complex. However, the spacing gives it a neat look. I like how the chakras were added to the patterns as a central motif. You might want to wear it with a delicate piece of clothing like an anarkali suit or a lehenga.

3. Bold mehandi designs

This design is complex because it contains too many elements. You can see a chakra form as soon as both hands come together in unison. A heavy design like this works best for a traditional function when you are all well dressed. You may want to swap or add other designs to enhance or personalize your design.

4. Finger Mehandi Designs

This design is quite decorative and with a design like this you will likely want to drop your finger rings. It's a simple design, but you'd need precision as the dashes aren't really that bold. Sometimes you don't really need your full hand covered in henna and you can go for something minimal. Designs like these are great for small events or go well with your casual wear too. It's pretty fancy.

5. Heart and Leaves Mehandi

It may seem like too many leaves in this design, but what are too many leaves in a mehandi design? What I like the most is the heart shaped thing in the middle of the design which looks totally awesome. You don't really have to have this type of design just for weddings because it is utterly cute and can be worn with casual wear too. When you look at it, the design is pretty repetitive and you may not have to fight hard to perfect this one. It's easy and you don't really need a lot of precision. Although it will look great on the occasional occasion.

6th line of mandalas

A mehandi design like this one is very different in that it is made up of three mandalas. If you look closely, you will find that the size of the mandala decreases as the height increases. This is good if you plan to wear it to a reception party and maybe even look great when stepping out in your casual clothes. The intricate design would take patience and time to come out beautifully, and you can enhance the look by adding a few glitter gems.

7. Leaves and Mesh Mehandi Design

This is the type of design that focuses on a single motif, in this case the leaf motif. Pakistani mehandi designs are popular because of the dark henna color they use. It gives it a rich and gothic look and it feels like a tattoo on your skin. The pattern looks quite elegant, so to speak. This is a rich design and would go well with a wedding.

8. Curves and shading patterns

This design is not really traditional but rather contemporary and you can wear it for your casual parties or a casual hangout too. The design is pretty simple and involves curves and point work. However, due to the unusual design, it still looks pretty attractive. It's quite hypnotic and would look great on young girls' hands.

9. Intricate colorful mehandi designs

This design is extremely complicated and delicate. It has so many intricate patterns and motifs like dome, hearts, flowers, leaves, mesh and god knows what not! It's extremely time consuming and can get pretty boring. The result is well worth it, however. The use of colors on this design is what makes the pattern so wonderful. The detail and precision required for this design are well worth the recognition.

10. Pakistani leaf motif Mehandi Design

This is a simple dome motif design that is surrounded by pretty leaf motifs. It's great for someone who has just started working on mehandi design. The armband looks cute and chic and can be worn on any occasion. You don't really need an elaborate design with this one as it can work well as an ornament.

11. Flower vines on the back

The main focus of this design is on the flowers which make the design look very stylish. It is very similar to the Arabic mehandi designs and so a lot of space has been left in the design for a subtle touch and a touch of neatness and symmetry. You can add colors if you really want to, but it looks pretty decent without the colors.

12. Beautiful Pakistani designs

The design starts with the middle finger, which is partly inspired by the Arabic Mehandi design. The floral theme gives it a girlish vibe. I like how the design gets denser with your fingers. The fingers have this traditional floral pattern. They aren't very complicated like the ones you saw above, but they can work well for any traditional occasion.

13. Pakistani Arabic Mehandi

This design is very similar to the one above, but the intensity is a little lower. A design like this would be perfect for any occasion. You can wear a bit of jewelry to add a little sparkle to the design. This would improve the overall picture.

14. Subtle Mehandi Chakra Design

This is a very subtle design as snot are really bold patterns. The mesh on your fingers is a clever way to fill in the void, and intentionally or intentionally it makes the design look like a lace glove. The overall look is pretty elegant and it would be great to flaunt at all of the parties you will be attending. You can wear some subtle gemstone rings to enhance the impact of the mehandi design.

15. Peacock Design for Hand

The flowers in the peacock are so beautifully taken that it looks like the peacock and the flowers are just one. I love how the patterns in the peacock stay relevant to the subject that is working outside. It's not a crowded design and can be worn with any traditional dress to enhance the look.

16. Green Mehandi Design

There is no end to how far you can go to improve the mehandi designs and make them more attractive. This design is very intricate and done with precision and a full set of skills. Most attractive, however, are the colors they used. The use of green and gold colors is very fascinating. Adding glitter also improves the look and makes it more appealing. You can combine the colorful designs with some good, chunky pieces of jewelry, as the wearer in the picture did.

17. Exquisite Pakistani Bride Mehndi

This is undoubtedly a traditional mehandi design. A design as intricate and intricate as this one would take a lot of patience and go through a tedious session. I like how the central portion of the wearer's hand was kept to a minimum while the design was extended to her elbow. Sufficient space has been given for it to look neat. It's more of a bold decision to create enough space, otherwise the design would look crowded. Designs like this one are perfect for the brides.

18. V-shaped mehandi design

The hallmark of a Pakistani mehandi design is that they are dark in color and have a mix of Indian and Arabic mehandi patterns in their designs. A V-shaped mehandi design is not uncommon and looks pretty good on the back of the hand. In this design, the first V-shaped design is done near the wrist, while the second is slightly larger and more towards the middle of the hand. I like how the fingers were made in the same tone. You would see that the first and second V shapes are connected by dotted paths. The remaining part of the hand is left free to create some neat strokes and make the design look symmetrical.

19. Dark red mehandi design

We all know the Pakistani mehandi is black, and what would fit better than a contrasting color? I think red and black require a great combination. It's very noticeable and together they look great. It's great for any traditional design. I like how adding jewelry added a touch of shine to the design.

20. Red Mehandi Design

The design in this picture is more like a painting on a canvas than a henna design on your skin. The shading effect and the use of a double tone look dazzling. You may find that the red color gives a watercolor effect that looks very attractive. There are a lot of gaps in between, otherwise the design would have looked crowded and chaotic. The design is not symmetrical because it is an abstract art form. You don't really need a perfect shape for a design like this and it still somehow manages to look great.

21. Colored mehandi design

This is a fairly elaborate Pakistani mehandi design that extends to the wearer's elbows. The elaborate design looks elegant due to the swirls and floral theme, while the double-tone effect is amazing.

22. Red Mehandi design in contemporary style

Nowadays there are many colors that you can use to apply henna to your skin. Among them, black, brown, and red are the most common. The design in the picture is dark red and looks extremely attractive with a small piece of jewelry.

23. Stone-studded mehandi design

The wearer certainly wants a lot of shine and bling in her Mehandi design and that's why she decided to use stones in her Pakistani Mehandi design. Very creative, I have to say.

24. Simple mehandi design

This design is super simple and plain. It has no bling or glitter whatsoever. The swirl and trail patterns are pretty simple, and yet it looks pretty pretty.

25. Bold Mehandi Designs

The chakra design has always been a popular choice among Pakistani design patterns. The chakra in this design resembles a flower. I really like how the fingers have been decorated too.

26. 3-D Mehandi Designs

This design is a mix of bold and intricate patterns that creates a 3-D effect for the viewer. The design is quite elaborate, but a little slanted design looks pretty stylish.

27. Full Arms Mehandi Designs for Brides

You can choose to adorn your full arms all the way to your elbows with henna, but some people also dare to get it all the way down to their shoulders! It all depends on your level of comfort.

28. Blue Mehandi Design

As I mentioned before, adding color to your henna design is like taking art to a whole different level. The blue color looks absolutely amazing for any occasion.

29. Beautiful gemstone designs

The floral patterns in this Pakistani mehandi design look absolutely flattering. I like that the outline of the mehandi is a darker shade than the color on the inside. In addition, the addition of gemstones gives the jewelry an extra shine.

30. Pretty Stone Designs

This design is very simple with a beautiful and elegant flower chakra in the center and the elegance of gemstones adding to the shine. This Pakistani mehandi design is sure to impress you. The bride has both hands and feet on a similar theme, which is probably a great idea.

31. Pink Glitter Mehandi Design

The pink glitter effect makes the design not only shimmering, but also a bit feminine. You can see that therefore it is very popular with the girls. Otherwise the patterns are very common.

32. Mehandi design with the theme of Blue Glitter Flower

This mehandi design looks very stylish and chic because of the added glittery blue color. This contemporary Pakistani mehandi design can be flaunted on a variety of occasions.

33. Mehandi design popular in Pakistan

This design is very elaborate and made in the style of the Arabic Mehandi. The patterns are pretty common as are the peacock and flower elements.

34. Detailed floral motif for hands

The patterns here are an amalgamation of bold and intricate. There are a ton of motifs that have been used to create such a unique Pakistani mehandi design. Although the designs are common, they are pretty easy to make.

35. Traditional Pakistani Mehandi Designs

This design seems ready for the wedding day. The patterns are filled with intricate motifs, but the space between them makes for a neat look. The fingers are also pretty well decorated.

36. Pakistani Bride and Groom Mehandi Designs

This design is very suitable for a bride because of the bride and groom motif in the center of each hand. The rest of the hand is done with great precision using mainly floral and leaf motifs. The whole design looks very neat and symmetrical.

37. Intricate Pakistani Mehandi Designs

This design screams for perfection when you look at it. It's perfectly symmetrical and looks very neat. You may need some serious professional help looking for something like this. I like how the end of the arms is adorned with a huge chakra design that looks quite regal.

38. Pair of Mehandi Design

A caricature of the bride and groom can be seen on both hands. This is perfect for any D day. The rest of the motifs include structures such as the dome, mesh, and heart. It's pretty overwhelming.

39. Delicate Pakistani mehandi designs

This design is super subtle I have to say. It's definitely done with a lot of precision. Regardless, this design is really inspired by the Arabic mehandi pattern. Extremely fine lines were used to create such a fine pattern.

40. Feminine patterns

This carrier had two different types of design on each hand, which gives a unique effect. Both, however, have floral themes.While one hand looks more traditional, the other is in Arabic style.

41. Elaborate Pakistani Mehandi designs

This design could quickly attract the boy as it is very elegant and girly to look at. It consists of many subtle motifs such as the floral pattern and the leaves. The designer left plenty of space and avoided overcrowding the hand. The half chakras near the wrist connect the two designs and add to the overall look. It also bridges the gap between tradition and the present.

42. Pakistani mehandi design on feet

This design is the epitome of symmetry. It's so precise that it doesn't seem to be made by a person but by a machine. It's perfect for the brides who love to get flowery. Both feet joined into a complete whole. I especially like the bead path that follows the design.

43. Foot and hand combination

These foot and hand combinations look great. The designs aren't too, because bolder strokes haven't been used much. The hand design has two chakras on the top while the chakras form the central design for the feet. The designs look very elegant.

44. Elaborate foot mehandi design for brides

This design is very elaborate for the feet. There are numerous Pakistani mehandi designs for the feet that are sure to impress. It's a very intricate pattern and shows great symmetry. Among the motifs, the net, the domes and the point work resonate best. It also contains the common motifs such as the flower and leaf motif.

45. Finger and Wrist Mehandi

You don't really have to fill your whole hand in for festival season when all you can do is decorate your wrist and fingers. In fact, decorating just your wrist and fingers is quite decorative and you may not need to wear jewels after such designs.

46. ​​Symmetrical peacock design

Did you notice the peacock right in the middle of the design? In addition to being regal, peacocks are considered the most auspicious birds, especially for weddings.

47. Identical foot design

I love these foot designs because they are very traditional. The best part about it are the two peacocks that point in the opposite direction at the top, creating a beautiful pattern.

48. Central floral design

This is a half-hand design and plenty of design space has been allowed to avoid over-complications and to allow for some neatness in the pattern.

49. Heart and flower at your feet

For every bride, hearts and flowers are always on the go and this design offers just the thing. The patterns are not complicated and are pretty simple.

50. Traditional beauty design

This design is far from traditional and mainly inspired by the western idea. It's also great as a tattoo design for casual occasions.

51.Bangle Design Floral Mehandi

This one is pretty artistic. I like how the crescent design comes together in each hand to form a whole circle. It can also be a symbol of the totality of life, the state of life and the state of death. The flower motifs are amazingly made and very intricate. I also like how the fingers have an intricate pattern. Because of all the complexity, it is important to leave enough space for a little cleanliness. This is a perfect Pakistani mehandi design idea for you.

52. Set with stones

On occasions like weddings or large parties, no amount of glitter and glamor is too much. And that's exactly what we tried to do with this design. The addition of tiny gems adds to the overall glamor factor and improves your henna game. The style is inspired by Arabic mehandi designs, while the patterns and motifs are immensely drawn from traditional Pakistani mehandi designs.

53. Mixed with jewelry

Just like adding stones and rivets to your henna design, you can also add your jewelry to look like an extension of the henna pattern, or vice versa. The colorful gemstones add a lot of shine and glamor to your intricate Pakistani mehandi design and make it look even more beautiful. Here the bride has added a lovely green hand bracelet.

54. Eid Mehandi Designs for Women

This design is extremely unique and could prove to be a draw for the young girls out there. While I don't really think it would be a great design for weddings, it sure is great for celebrations like Eid or Diwali. The design is very decorative so you don't have to wear extra jewels now.

55. Shaded Flower Designs

Shading is one such technique that is really inspired by Mehandi's Pakistani designs. It obviously improves the creativity and overall look of the Mehandi design. The floral patterns are filled with shades from intricate strokes. It lights up the entire design and animates the motifs. It definitely looks amazing and besides, you can add different colors to it to enhance the look.

56. Elegant Pakistani mehandi design

This design is pretty elegant and that's exactly how people like it these days. Nowadays, women tend to prefer minimalist designs rather than traditional designs that look a bit crowded even on the hands. Sometimes they just want to beautify their fingers and wrist with henna and leave the rest of the area exposed. The motifs are still pretty traditional, but there's no end to innovation, is there?

57. Beautiful Arabic mehandi design

Apparently, this Pakistani mehandi design is definitely inspired by the Arabic mehandi design. The trail of flowers, paisley and leaves starts on the index finger and ends a little further from the wrist. I like how cute flowers are made in place of the fingertips filled with henna.

58. Creative mehandi design

It totally feels like this design is more of a ring than a henna. It is one of the most unique designs from the Pakistani Mehandi design collection in this item. You can be as creative as possible and innovate with different styles.

59. Bracelets Mehandi Design

Not only is this mehandi work feminine, but it looks quite bold because of the strong patterns that are used. While the fingers have a strong floral theme, the bracelet design is made up of beach waves and swirls that complete the look. The thickness of the lines is done with precision and professionalism, creating a beautiful design.

60. Fine and intricate mehandi design

All of the Pakistani dulhan mehndi designs are absolutely stunning and that's probably because the combination of different strokes is quite amusing. All of this may seem precise, but the end result is absolutely gorgeous and charming. The design may be that of the simple chakra, but a lot of effort has gone into creating the intricate patterns that are used to be filled into it.

61. Incomplete heart mehandi design

This Pakistani mehandi design consists of two half hearts on each hand that join together to form the full design only when the hands are brought closer together. There are also many intricate patterns in this design that complete the look. If you look closely, you might notice the top of any design adorned with a pair of peacocks and that of the bride and groom. It's pretty cute.

62. Simply beautiful Pakistani mehandi design

Not much can be said about this design as it is very simple and yet it looks kind of elegant. I guess that's all the magic of the floral motifs that can make any design look subtle. The rest depends on the type of strokes used.

63. Jewelry-inspired Pakistani mehndi look

This design looks like a beautifully carved lace glove that has been so popular since the Victorian era. There is a very subtle royal feel to it. I wonder what adding gemstones would do! The design could look prettier if the glamor factor is added.