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It is not easy to be always up to date during the day-to-day work of the practice. Just as our digital appointment management relieves you of administrative work, we want to offer you a service here too ... Because in our monthly newsletter "Check-up", for which you can register here, we summarize news from the eHealth industry for you, Blog highlights and event announcements together.

Each issue has a relevant topic. In August we met z. B. is concerned with “profitability and digitization in the doctor's office”, because the first half of the year brought many changes in the healthcare system and also left its mark on the economy. This has drawn attention to how the profitability of a practice is affected and how it can be increased. In our newsletter we have put together articles that contain the most important profitability indicators and tips for an economically well-established practice. A look at new political developments is also part of our newsletter - this was an interview with Dr. Ilias Tsimpoulis, Managing Director of Doctolib Germany, on the hurdles of the video consultation and how they can be solved, our “Article of the Month”.

Another category for which we pick out interesting facts for you is the “number of the month”. In August that was 505.50 - because that's how many euros you can receive with the start-up funding (GOP 01451) per quarter if you introduce the video consultation in your practice.

Of course, we also want to inform you about current Doctolib events in our newsletter. We are continuously working on new updates for our appointment management system and publish a lot of information that will make it easier for you to use or should provide an insight into how it is being used. It is sometimes difficult to keep track of things. For this reason, in each issue we highlight aids that enable efficient practice management and present experience reports from colleagues who are already using Doctolib in their practice.

And don't forget: in our newsletter we will of course also inform you about upcoming events, congresses and trade fairs as well as all dates for our webinars, in which our experts explain how our system works and are happy to answer all your questions.

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In addition to an informative newsletter, Doctolib has a lot more to offer. With the digital appointment management service, which is already used by 135,000 doctors in Germany and France, you can relieve your practice staff, provide your patients with modern service and attract new patients. A selection of the advantages for your practice include:

  • 24/7 online appointment bookings: thanks to real-time synchronization, your calendar is always up to date and direct inquiries by phone or email are noticeably reduced.
  • Digital waiting list: if a patient cancels an appointment, if patients on the waiting list can book this appointment, appointment gaps are reduced.
  • Appointment reminders via SMS / email: this increases patient adherence to deadlines.
  • Delay SMS: With just a few clicks, you can inform patients about delays and avoid a crowded waiting room.
  • Automatic recall: reminders of preventive examinations by email / SMS reduce the effort involved in sending the mail and postage.
  • Increased visibility: with a profile on the Doctolib platform, with 3.5 million monthly visitors, you can be found by new patients.
  • Video consultation: as an uncomplicated service, you can use it to hold consultations without your patients having to come to your practice. This saves you effort and your patients time and travel.

If you want to find out how you can use the advantages of Doctolib in your practice, arrange a non-binding consultation.

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