Which neighboring country India has a dictatorship?


Pakistan is a country in Asia. It is about twice the size of Germany and is located on the Arabian Sea between Iran and India. The capital of Pakistan is called Islamabad. Pakistan has a very young population: of the more than 160 million inhabitants, over half are children and young people. The official language of Pakistan is Urdu. In addition to Urdu, a lot of English is spoken. This is due to the history of Pakistan: The country was occupied by the British for many years.

The road to independence

Until 1947, Pakistan was part of British India, a large area in South Asia that was ruled by the British. After the residents had fought for independence from England, the country divided. The Muslim population founded their own state: the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. The eastern part of British India became what is now India. During the struggle for independence and the period of separation, fierce fighting broke out between Muslims, Hindus and Sikhs. More than 500,000 people were killed. The relationship between India and Pakistan has remained difficult to this day. For example, the two countries are still arguing over who the border region of Kashmir belongs to. There are always disputes in the area. Both India and Pakistan have nuclear weapons. That makes tensions between countries particularly dangerous.

Pakistan is a poor country

Pakistan is a developing country. Many people are very poor and have neither enough to eat nor clean drinking water. Although child labor is officially prohibited, many children have to work, for example, in carpet weaving or in agriculture in order to earn money and support their families. Many of these children do not go to school at all or only for a few years and can therefore neither read nor write properly. Some experts believe that almost half of all Pakistani people are illiterate.

Pakistan is not coming to rest

Pakistan is a democratic country - that's what the constitution says. In the past, however, the Pakistani military has overturned democratically elected governments several times and then ruled the country like a dictatorship. In addition to the clashes with neighboring India, there are repeated terrorist attacks in Pakistan by radical Muslims who do not agree with the government's policies. In the border area with Afghanistan, the Pakistani military is also fighting against Islamist Taliban who are trying to control and rule entire regions of Pakistan.

Flood disaster

Heavy rains in the north-east of the country caused major floods in Pakistan in the summer of 2010 and triggered a catastrophic flood. More than 1,600 people were killed and nearly five million were left homeless.

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