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There is nothing special without trying the local dishes when traveling to Laos. They weren't that popular with Thai or Vietnamese dishes. However, the bold taste with the natural scent of Asian herbs should not be taken for granted - not to mention the unique flavor and acidity. In this list, we recommend 10 traditional Laos dishes that you should try.

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1. best traditional Laos dishes: Khao Jee

If French cuisine is your thing, you should try Khao Jee, the Lao baguette sandwich. It is food that can be found in street food stalls across the region. The long bread is cut in half and filled with various fillings such as grated carrots, lettuce, tomato slices, minced pork, cheese and hot chilli sauce. Breakfast and lunch.

Estimated Price: LAK 10,000 (USD 1.20)

2. Best traditional Laos dishes: Larb

Larb is recognized as the national cuisine of Laos. It consists of minced meat (fish, beef, chicken, pork or duck) and some aromatic spices such as fermented fish sauce, roasted rice, lime juice and Laotian herbs. The local villagers usually serve the larb raw, such as fish larb and duck larb (the poultry blood is added to improve the taste).

Estimated Price: LAK 20,000 (USD 2.50)

3. Best traditional Laos dishes: Mok Pa

Mok Pa is a sour and spicy dish made from steamed fresh fish. Bílý banquán in banana lá, với Food is tempting. Spices like kaffir lime leaves, lemongrass, green onions, green chilies, fresh dill, fish sauce, and shrimp paste are also added. To enjoy the dish, be sure to take a sticky rice ball with you.

Estimated Price: LAK 10,000 (USD 1.20)

4. Best traditional Laos dishes: Yall Dib

Vietnam has lovely spring rolls, and so does Laos. Locals call the summer roll yall dib, one of the most popular snacks in the country. Fresh vermicelli, fresh prawns and vegetables and various herbs are wrapped in thin rice paper. To eat the dish, just dip it in the hot chili sauce. M pht phiên bản là bé bé fried spring rolls with meat.

Estimated Price: LAK 15,000 (USD 1.80)

5. best traditional Laos dishes: Khao Piak Sen

Noodle lovers should try Khao Piak Sen, the Lao noodle soup. This staple can be sipped anytime from breakfast to dinner. The pasta dish, served in a bowl, comes with either chicken or beef, as well as fresh herbs (basil and coriander) and raw vegetables (in bean sprouts and beans) in a clear, hot broth. To make it spicier, you can add lime juice and chili oil.

Estimated Price: LAK 10,000 (USD 1.20)

6. Best traditional Laos dishes: Tam Mak Hoong

Laos is also famous for the delicious salad called Tam Mak Hoong, or green papaya salad. It is very similar to the Thai papaya salad Som Tam. The mix of taste of sweet and sour, being spicy and salty is really worth a taste. The sliced ​​unripe papaya is ground in a mortar and pestle together with peanuts, chillies, lime juice, peanuts and fish sauce.

Estimated Price: LAK 10,000 (USD 1.20)

7. best traditional Laos dishes: Sien Savanh

If you want a jerky jerky for your dinner, try Sien Savanh, the delicious Lao Beef Jerky dish. Before cooking, the beef is marinated with oysters and dark soy sauce, palm sugar, pepper and garlic. Then it is dried in the hot sun for better taste. You will find it sticky, chewy, and tasty. Add a small sticky rice ball while you enjoy the sien savanh.

Estimated Price: LAK 10,000 (USD 1.20)

8. Best traditional Laos dishes: Ping Kai

Another highlighted Lao dish is the ping kai, or grilled chicken. Before cooking over hot coals, the whole chicken is dipped in a marinade of garlic, black pepper, fish sauce, salt and coriander root. To enjoy the meal, sticky rice and raw vegetables are the best companions.

Estimated Price: LAK 12,000 (USD 1.50)

9. best traditional Laos dishes: Or Lam

Another popular dish in Laos is the Or Lam, or Laotian stew. This specialty, which is native to Luang Prabang, the northern region of the country, has a less spicy taste and aromatic smell. It's made from dried buffalo meat, beef, or chicken along with some spices like lemongrass, chilli, and coriander. Other vegetables like eggplant and beans are also added.

Estimated Price: LAK 65,000 to 200,000 ($ 8 to $ 24)

10. best traditional Laos dishes: Klao Niaw

Klao Niaw is a typical sticky rice that is served in a small woven basket made of bamboo. To eat this sticky dish, you should roll it into a small ball by hand and dip the ball in flavorful sauces. For it to be perfect, the raw rice should go through an overnight soaking process. Sticky brown rice is another type of plate, uniquely steamed in a bamboo tube.

Estimated Price: LAK 5,000 to 10,000 ($ 0.60 to $ 1.20)

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