Why does Trump use Twitter so often

USA: This is how Trump uses Twitter and Facebook for his election campaign

A gray text field is emblazoned where a message from Donald Trump should actually be. It reads: "This tweet has violated the Twitter rules about the dissemination of misleading and potentially harmful information about Covid-19." Tweet from the American President, in which he - as so often - relativizes the danger of the corona virus.

Trump writes that the flu season is now approaching and that around 100,000 people will die of the flu every year, although there is even a vaccination. “Is that why we are closing our country? No, we learned to live with the flu, just as we are now learning to live with Covid, which is much less fatal in most populations, ”the president tweeted.


Trump is in campaign mode on social media: 16 tweets in 30 minutes

For Trump, the short message service has become one of the most important instruments in the election campaign, it speaks almost around the clock on social networks. In one day, he sent 16 tweets in just 30 minutes - and sometimes, as with the controversial Corona tweet, he also crosses borders.

Other networks, such as Facebook, are also immensely important for the president - and also expensive. The Trump campaign has already spent more than 96 million euros on campaign advertising on Facebook alone. In the past seven days alone there were more than five million.

Already in 2008, when Barack Obama was elected president, hardly anything went on in the election campaign without social networks. "At that time there was talk of the 'Facebook election'", says the American journalist Joanna Weiss, who has been writing about the importance of social media for politics for years. “But in 2008 we didn't know what was coming,” she says. And by that she means: Trump. And the way in which he almost completely ignores the newspapers, radio and television stations. “It's like a kind of bypass. He addresses people directly. He knows how to do it, ”says Weiss.

Election campaigns in social networks: Advertising arrives exactly where it is

The advantage for many politicians is this: the advertising arrives exactly where it should. This means that, for example, with a perfectly tailored online advertisement, you can only reach a very specific target group - for example, gun enthusiasts. “It's possible because Facebook knows us. After all, we reveal our data on the Internet, ”says Weiss.

However, a counter-movement has long since formed online, such as the Lincoln Project, a group that publishes content critical of Trump on the Internet. One of the drastic campaigns: the viewer sees several masks. Suddenly the camera moves away, the masks - in red, white and blue - get smaller and smaller until they finally form a gigantic American flag. Then the words are faded in: “100,000 dead Americans. A wrong president. "

Twitter: Another Trump tweet was given a warning

In the past, before a large part of life was on the Internet, television advertising played a major role in the US election campaign. "The central moment was already back then: generating emotions," says media expert Weiss. “Often it is people's fear that is being played with. But it can also be nice feelings, such as hope or a bond with America. "

Trump also starts with people's feelings. And these days there is probably no other topic that is discussed as emotionally as the corona policy. In a Twitter message, the president wrote that he was now "immune" to the virus and that he could also "not pass it on". Twitter reacted - and provided Trump's message with a warning of false information about his alleged immunity.


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