How can we turn Detroit around?



Eye color

green (formerly)
Green on the left, blue on the right (Spare part)



“I don't know how it is with you, but there is something in me that knows: I am more than they say. I'm alive, and I won't let that be taken away from me again ... "

Markus is one of the three protagonists in Detroit: Become Human.

Background [edit | Edit source]

Markus is a present from Elijah Kamski to his good friend Carl Manfred. Carl is a famous painter, but after an accident he becomes a loner and stops painting. Markus helps Carl with all everyday tasks. At first he sees Markus as a sophisticated but stupid machine, but as the relationship between him and the android develops, Carl's mind changes. In time they become like father and son. However, this relationship results in Carl's biological son Leo having anger with Markus and his father.

Appearance [edit | Edit source]

Markus has green eyes, brown skin and very short black hair. After "Von den toten" his right eye was replaced by a blue eye. Elijah Kamski wanted to design a unique android for Carl that would please his aesthetic values ​​and support him in any way he needs.

Skills [edit | Edit source]

Markus can "wake up" other androids by touch, i.e. detach them from their program and give them the opportunity to think for themselves, i.e. to develop an artificial consciousness.

Participation [edit | Edit source]

Shades [edit | Edit source]

Markus walks through the Henry Ford Commemorative Park. He goes to Bellini's shop to pick up the paint for Carl. Here Markus can interact with a few people who are hostile to him in Greektown. Douglas Mitchell, a hot dog stall operator, will push Markus away if he stands around his stall for too long claiming he's chasing customers away, and a preacher named Gordon Penwick talks about how androids are "demons." When Markus approaches, Gordon says things like, "Why are you looking at me like that, demon?" ... "I know who you are, I can see through you!" ... "You are the one from whom the evil comes!" ... "You are the one who will destroy Detroit!" Markus will collect the paints and leave the shop. Markus then heads towards the bus stop and he may run into an angry group of unemployed people and the protest leader will choose to harass Markus before beating him. A police officer intervenes and the group leaves Markus alone. Markus goes to the bus stop. He gets on a bus that is heading towards Carl's house.

The painter [edit | Edit source]

Markus comes home with the colors and enters Carl's room to wake him up. He will speak to Carl and carry him to his wheelchair. If Markus was attacked by the angry crowd, Carl will notice the damage to his clothes and call them stupid. Markus brings Carl into the dining room and serves him breakfast. Carl will tell Markus to relax and find something to do. Markus can read a book, play chess with Carl or play the piano. Carl comments on the activities and tells Markus that one day he will no longer be able to take care of him. Carl and Markus go into the studio where the work of art is located. He'll watch Carl finish painting. Carl will ask Markus to paint something, and Markus initially only copies something that he sees in the studio. However, after Carl orders him to paint something from the head and from the heart, he paints something original that impresses Carl. Suddenly, Carl's son Leo appears to be drugged and ask for money. When asked what happened to the money Carl gave him the last time, Leo evades the question. Carl knows that Leo spent the money on drugs and refuses. Angry and believing that his father loves Markus more than him, Leo starts yelling at Carl before urging Markus. Carl then orders Leo to leave and he accuses Carl of only loving his pictures and Markus before leaving.

Broken [edit | Edit source]

After a party at the Museum of Modern Art return to Carl's mansion, Carl will criticize the event and decide that he would like a drink. Markus is going to serve a drink, but Carl notices a light in the studio. He has Markus call the police and decides that he wants to investigate what Markus is doing with or without Carl. They discover Leo in the studio. He plans to steal some of Carl's pictures to sell and presumably buy more drugs. Leo claims the pictures are part of his legacy. Carl tells Markus to get Leo out, but Leo ignores Markus and starts yelling at Carl when Carl tries to throw Leo out himself. Leo pushes Carl away and attacks Markus. Carl tells Markus not to do anything, but when Leo starts pushing, hitting and mocking Markus, he becomes dissented and realizes that this is not fair. After breaking his programming, Markus can either bump into Leo or endure the attacks.

  • If Markus pushes Leo, he'll push him down and Leo falls on Carl's painting machine. He passes out, causing Carl to get up from his chair and crawl over to his son. Carl will then tell Markus to run, knowing that the police believe Markus is to blame. However, it is too late because the police are coming and when they see Markus about Leo and Carl, they shoot him.
  • If Markus survives the attack, Carl will have a heart attack and fall from his chair, Markus falls to his side, and Carl comforts him as he dies. Markus is desperate because he lost his father figure, and Leo blames Markus by saying it was his fault that it happened. When the police arrive, Leo lies to them and tells them it's Markus's fault that Carl is dead.

Either way, Markus is now a deviant who has freed himself from his programming and follows his own will. And that will is to lead a rebellion of the android population of Detroit. Whether through peaceful or violent protest, will be shown in the game and based on the actions of the player.

From the dead Edit source]

After being held responsible for either the death of Carl or the injury to Leo, Markus was believed to have been destroyed before being taken to a junkyard with countless other dead or dying androids. It will reboot and diagnose itself. He realizes that his legs are missing, his right eye has been torn out, he has his audio processor and his regulator for regulating the thermostat is broken. He can crawl around and replace his legs. As he gets up and leaves, a dying android grabs him and tells him that there is a "place we can be free". Then he asks Markus to find Jericho. Markus leaves the original area of ​​the junkyard and can replace the other body parts. While trying to find a pump regulator, he tries to get a pump regulator out of what he thinks is a dead android. He wakes up and says, "Wait! Please! Please don't do this! I want to live!" You can then decide whether to let them live or kill them. If you let her live, she will be grateful. If you kill her, she'll shut down. When Markus' body is complete, he can leave the junkyard before removing his LED and then go into town to look for Jericho.

Jericho [edit | Edit source]

Markus will be on a train arriving at Ferndale station. He will search the artwork for clues and follow the path to discover other androids before finally finding Jericho, an old abandoned ship freighter. Markus will enter the ship where he will then discover many androids welcoming him to Jericho.

Time to decide Edit source]

Markus is introduced to the main guides from Jericho, Simon, Josh and North. When he talks to them, he discovers that Jericho is not really a safe haven, but a place to hide from the people. Markus discovers an empty shipping container and finds a way to the nearest warehouse to find more parts. After meeting Lucy, who is healing his injuries, Markus chats with Simon, Josh, and North about his plan to break into the CyberLife warehouse. While Josh and Simon hesitate, North stands ready, which eventually leads to Simon and Josh agreeing to the plan.

Spare parts [edit | Edit source]

After deciding what to do next, Markus and his three main companions ransacked a CyberLife warehouse to steal blue blood and bio-components for the dying androids in Jericho. The group comes across a working security android called John, which the player can either collect or place in the warehouse. Before that, however, it can be shown that Markus can convert androids into dissenters with his touch. If the player decides to free the androids in the larger container, North will stare at him with a puzzled look and raise the relationship status. When John is to be welcomed to Jericho, he explains that there is a truck of biocomponents and blue blood from which the player can choose to steal or to return with what he has already received. If Markus manages to steal the truck, Jericho's relationship status with him will increase significantly. If John isn't welcome to join, he'll get angry and he'll sound the alarm.

Stratford Tower Edit source]

The chapter begins with Markus sitting on a bench and watching how people treat androids. Markus will read a Tech Addict article on the Stratford Tower that says it has the very latest in broadcast technology. Markus returns to Jericho and informs the crew that he has decided to send a message to the people by infiltrating the Stratford Tower. Markus goes into the lobby and goes to the reception desk, but there is an employee named Elizabeth Wilson at the front desk. Markus can distract you. Markus can then speak to the receptionist. She asks for his ID, and when he hands it over, he converts her and asks her to help him. He goes into the bathroom and puts on a janitor's uniform. He's going to meet North on the stairwell, and she has the tools to cut the glass. You need to get to the server room to climb the wall to get to the renovated floors. You'll need to distract two guards so they can get into the server room. You will meet Simon along with Josh in a transmitter uniform. You arrive at the transmitter and Markus and the others see two guards at a desk. Markus has the choice to attack them. One of the human employees runs away to set off the alarm, and Markus has the choice of shooting the employee. Markus will then send a message to the human. After the broadcast, Markus and the others flee by jumping off the roof with a parachute. However, if the SWAT team arrives beforehand, Simon can be injured. Markus then has to decide whether to kill him or just leave him there. If he lets him live, he will give him a weapon.

Capitol Park Edit source]

Markus and North go to Capitol Park to free other androids. Markus can free androids that are outside and Markus can choose to go to a CyberLife store and free the androids there as well. However, the alarm must be turned off and a police drone patrolling the area must be destroyed. Markus can ask the androids to help, and they will agree. Markus can lead a violent or non-violent demonstration. The androids and North continue up the street. Markus hears the police and then gunshots. Markus runs to North. North tells him that two police officers shot androids. An android is seen holding a gun stolen from one of the officers. Officer Chris Miller and his partner are held at gunpoint. Chris will cry asking for forgiveness. Markus can kill Chris and his partner, let the android with the gun decide, or spare them.

Freedom March [edit | Edit source]

Markus stands on the roof of an abandoned bar near Jericho and has the choice of playing the piano. North will show up and Markus can talk to her. If Markus has a positive relationship with North, they will share their memories. However, if he has a negative relationship with her, she will refuse to talk about her past and leave. Markus also has the option to leave North and reduce the relationship. If Simon survived in "Public Enemy" (if he was wounded and left behind in Stratford Tower), Markus will greet him in Jericho. Markus and his allies head to the Woodward Mall Center to free some androids and rally to send a message to the humans again. Markus can convert and free the androids. Markus asks an android to block the street, Markus and the androids demonstrate on the street. A police officer sees the demonstration and orders them to stop, but is overwhelmed by the number of androids. The officer then calls for support. Soon more police officers show up to stop the protest. A riot police tells them that their gathering is illegal and that they must disperse. Markus can either run away, stand up or attack the police officers. If Markus decides to stand, the unit shoots the androids next to Markus and his companions and the on-call officer tells them this is their last chance. If Markus stops again, the police will continue to shoot the androids and hit Markus' arm. North will try to warn Markus that they will kill her. If Markus decides to sacrifice himself, he will go to the police and let himself be shot. When he is about to be killed, John (if Markus lets him move to Jericho) or Simon (if he survived and John did not come to Jericho or was dead) will fight the police. An android pulls Markus to safety when John or Simon are beaten by the police. You will have one last look at Markus and his friends running away before they are shot. If Simon died, or John didn't come to Jericho or was dead, the police shoot Markus and force North, Josh, and the surviving androids to run away. If Markus decides to attack the police he'll raise his fist, but Josh tells Markus not to stand against them. If Markus decides to attack, he will instruct the androids to attack. The police then shoot the androids to stop them. While the androids are fighting the police, Markus sees two police officers aiming their assault rifles at him, and Markus attacks one of the two. After dealing with the police, Markus points a gun at an officer he has defeated, whom he kills or lets run away. Markus then takes care of the police. When he and North defeat her, an officer points his rifle at her. Markus either attacks the officer who manages to shoot North in the shoulder or pushes her out of the way and is shot. After Markus killed more police officers, they had to withdraw. Markus and North can either kill the retreating officers or spare them. As the androids and humans survey the chaos, Markus comforts a dying android who asks him if they have won before shutting down. If Markus does not defeat the unit, they will kill or injure him. If Markus is injured, he can pick up a weapon nearby. He can commit suicide. If he chooses against it, a riot officer will come to kill him or Simon / John will sacrifice themselves by fighting the officers to save Markus. If Markus kills himself, he will ask the unit to leave the androids. When leaving, the officer received the order to have the androids shot by the officers. He then orders the unit to shoot the androids. If Markus escapes, the police will shoot the androids while they get to safety. This diminishes Markus's relationships with North, Josh, and Jericho, but increases his relationship with Simon and public opinion (if he chooses to assert himself).

Crossroads [edit | Edit source]

Markus is sitting in part of Jericho watching the refugees when Kara comes to ask him about tickets and a passport to travel to Canada.Markus persuades Kara to stay on Jericho (the player only controls Kara at this point) and asks her why she is interested in Alice since she is human. Markus then has a meeting with North, Josh and (if he survived Stratford Tower) Simon. He can choose to be angry with people, bitterly or with no regrets. One by one, the others will leave until there are only Markus and North left. Markus can then confide in North, and the two connect using their hands. If Markus and North are in love affair status, Markus can choose to kiss North. Being a lover and not kissing North will deal a serious blow to their relationship. In any case, North leaves the cabin at this point. If Connor discovers Jericho in "Last Chance Connor", Connor will enter and threaten Markus. Markus can choose between several statements, some of which will improve Connor's software instability. After the two have talked to each other, Connor can choose whether he wants to remain a machine or become a deviator (only if his software instability is high enough).

  • When Markus has a hostile relationship with Jericho, North and the others decide that it is best for Jericho for Markus to step down as a leader and leave them. As Markus leaves, he will notice that the US Army and Agent Richard Perkins are preparing to raid Jericho. Markus has the choice to save his people or himself.
  • If Connor's software instability is high enough, he can take action against his programming. After a scene in which he breaks off the prompts asking him to stop Markus, he will warn Markus that the people of Jericho will attack. The two will leave the area and meet with North. Markus can tell the androids the plan of the people. He decides to blow up Jericho and assures North that it won't be long. On the way to the bomb, he meets a dying Lucy who tells him that he has to save Jericho. Later, Markus falls on a platform and sees some soldiers kill androids. Markus hides and continues his goal. He will see two androids being executed by the soldiers. Markus can either save them or ignore them. He then meets two soldiers and escapes by using the stairs or jumping over them. Markus later sees two androids surrendering to the soldiers. Then Markus sees Josh fighting a soldier. If he doesn't intervene, the soldier will shoot Josh. When Markus reaches him, a dying Josh tells him to save Jericho. When Markus intervenes, he attacks the soldier and tells Josh to flee. Markus finally finds the bomb and blows up Jericho. However, three soldiers confront Markus, who is fighting them, and kills one in the process. He meets with North, Josh (if saved), Simon (if alive) and Connor and follows them to escape Jericho. Unfortunately, the soldiers arrive and shoot North, injuring her. Simon will then tell Markus that you can't do anything with her. However, if Markus tries to save North, he will repel or surrender the soldiers and flee. Connor will then fight the soldiers so that Markus and his friends have time to escape. If Markus escapes, the soldiers will kill North and the group will flee.
  • If Markus does not get to the bomb in time, is shot by one of the soldiers or does not flee, the soldiers or Perkins will kill him, even take most of Jericho, if Markus does not get to the bomb in time.

Night of the soul Edit source]

When Markus nudges Leo into "Broken", he will return to Carl's house, where he realizes that security has not changed for him. Markus can look around the house and can also see via tablet video that Leo is still alive and in rehab. When Markus goes upstairs, he meets Carl's new androids. The android tells him that Carl is weak and can't see anyone. Markus will convert the android and ask him to let him see Carl. The android will allow him to enter Carl's room. Carl will be happy to see Markus. Markus can ask him for advice. When Carl dies in "Broken", Markus visits a cemetery where Carl's grave is located. He will stand in front of his grave, talk to him and ask Carl for advice. When Markus leaves, he passes Leo, who is also going to the grave. Later, Markus can be seen in the abandoned church where the surviving androids are hiding. He sits on the stage and looks at the room. When he has the detonator, he holds it tight for a moment before tucking it into his coat. Markus gets up and goes to North, Josh and Simon, where he can discuss the situation with North (or Simon if North is dead) and all three will assure him that he has their support. Markus can then talk to Kara and Connor. He will apologize to Kara and admit that he was wrong in assuming she would be safe in Jericho and tells her to leave town while she still can. When Markus turns to leave, Kara asks him to save his people and after hesitating, he smiles and nods. Markus can then decide Connor's fate. If Markus decides to trust Connor, he will tell him that he belongs to his people and Connor then suggests breaking into the CyberLife Tower. Markus tells him it's a suicide mission, but gives in when Connor insists. If Markus decides not to trust Connor, he will explain that he cannot take any chances before pulling out his gun and killing him. Either way, he goes to the stage and speaks to all of the androids in the church to announce that the people have decided to exterminate them. Markus then makes the final decision as to whether a violent revolution or a peaceful demonstration should take place.

Battle for Detroit - Markus' Revolution Edit source]

The chapter begins with an address and demands from Markus. Markus stands alone on Hart Plaza and shows a flag with the revolution symbol. He goes ahead and picks up pace until he runs and the rest of the androids catch up. They shoot at the barricades. Markus climbs on a barricade and places the flag. Markus stands in front of Hart Plaza Camp next to North, Josh and Simon. North declares "freedom or death" and Markus repeats it with conviction before signaling the attack. Markus, North, Josh and Simon house a barricade together. North exclaims that the army is regrouping and outnumbered, and Markus replies that their only hope is to be quick and overwhelm them. Markus leans over and aims at a soldier, shoots him and takes cover behind a burned-out car when Josh follows him. Josh is shot immediately. Markus yells at him and orders the nearby androids to cover fire so he can reach an abandoned car near Josh. Markus can then pull him into cover and rock him while he dies in his arms. Markus puts Josh down and reaches for his gun. Markus discovers a scared android hiding behind a shipping container. He yells that he doesn't want to die, and Markus can order him to stay, to withdraw, or to advance. The android survives if it doesn't move, but will be shot instantly if it steps back or advances. Markus will discover a grenade from a dead soldier. Simon joins him as he pushes behind a large pillar and hides before storming and being shot instantly. If Markus decides to rescue Simon, he can take a nearby sniper turret and order two groups of androids to provide protective fire. Then he can take Simon for cover and his relationship will increase significantly. Markus pushes towards the camp and can go to the grenade and throw it to the soldiers. Then he reaches a machine gun and Markus has to hold and coordinate the attack. If Markus orders the group to go north without giving enough cover fire, he will send them to their deaths. If there are enough, the attack will succeed, but a drone is attacking their group and Markus has to take them out so they can survive. The final attack takes place and Markus orders the remaining androids to be charged. He is then repulsed by the explosion from a tank, but stands up and storms a large number of soldiers. If Connor has remained a machine, he will be confronted with Markus instead. If Markus succeeds, he will spot a rocket propelled grenade, fire it directly at the tanks and destroy them. The army must withdraw and leave the camp. Either North, Simon (if North is dead) or an unnamed android (if both North and Simon are dead) will turn to Markus and exclaim in awe that they won, and Markus will reply that it is not a win, but the beginning of a war.

If Markus leads a successful revolution and Connor becomes a deviator, he will meet Connor, who freed thousands of androids from the CyberLife Tower. Later he will give the androids a speech about their newfound freedom together with North, Simon and Connor.

Alternatively, if Markus is shot in the thirium pump, he will pull himself out of the fight. If North or Simon (if North is dead or their relationship is not high enough) is a friend or higher, they will notice and run to him. Markus tries to calm them down and tells them it's okay and they can go on without him. Both refuse to accept this and tell him that their hearts are compatible and that he can take yours. Markus protests.

  • North: North will tell him to take her heart if he loves her. If Markus accepts it, he grabs her hand and her interface. Markus kisses North as she shuts down, lays her in the snow and closes his eyes before grabbing his gun and returning to the fight. The reverse occurs if Markus refuses.
  • Simon: Simon will refuse to listen and will remove his heart. He gets Markus out of the broken thirium pump and installs it in spite of Markus' requests. He smiles as he shuts down. Markus shouts Simon's name and shakes his shoulder. Then he goes off, picks up his weapon and returns to the fight. Markus will die if he rejects North's heart or if none of the androids come to the rescue.

An unsuccessful attack results in the androids being forced to retreat and Simon and North (if their relationship is under a companion) shot and killed. Markus finds shelter in a nearby CyberLife store. North joins him when their relationship is high enough. The soldiers surround the shop, and if Connor has remained a machine, he will face Markus here.

  • Alone in the shop (Connor as a machine): Markus asks Connor to shoot him because another death makes no difference. He gets shot in the head when Connor shoots. He reaches for the detonator where he can use the last of his energy to fire the bomb before destroying Detroit. If Markus is spared, he can take out the detonator. When Markus is not using it, he sits motionless and seems to choose to shut down. If no decision is made, Markus and Connor pull out the pistols at the same time and shoot each other in the head.
  • Alone in the shop (Connor is a deviator): If Connor deviates or has been taken out of service, the soldiers order Markus to surrender and claim that they will not shoot. If Markus decides to surrender, he will leave the Cyberlife store and drop his gun as he is commanded. Markus raises his hands in the air, but is shot by the soldiers. If Markus chooses to commit suicide, he'll put his gun under his chin and fire. If Markus detonates the dirty bomb, he'll get up and leave the Cyberlife store to see the soldiers flee and burn Detroit. Markus goes to Detroit and discovers the flag he set up at the start of the attack. Markus picks them up while the surviving androids flock to him. Markus turns to his people and shouts "WE ARE ... FREE!"
  • With North in the store: When Markus joins North, the two can kiss each other before making a decision if North's relationship with Markus is a lover. If Markus wants to surrender, North is outraged. He tells her that he doesn't want her to die. This is the only way they can survive. The two walk side by side and raise their hands and the soldiers open fire. If Markus decides to commit suicide, he will raise his gun at North's chest and shoot. Markus cradles her in his arms and holds the gun under his chin. If Markus decides to detonate the dirty bomb, North says he has to decide if the price is worth it in order to save her life. Markus has the option to give up, but if he gets away with it, the soldiers flee and the two leave the shop and watch Detroit burn.

Battle for Detroit - Markus' demonstration Edit source]

At Hart Plaza, Markus leads another (peaceful) freedom march. Jericho's people march when a roadblock blocks the way for the demonstrators. As the leader, Markus speaks to the commanding officer. But no matter what the androids say and do, the police open fire. However, the group refuses to be subjugated and shows determination: depending on what Markus is showing, the androids either raise their fists in the air, kneel, sit cross-legged or stretch their hands in the air. They manage to maintain their position. During a break in the fire, they set up barricades together to keep their attackers at a distance. To do this, they either use a billboard, an abandoned car, or benches. Now Markus can choose a slogan, talk to the fearful android, the traumatized android and North and hoist the flag. He can also read the magazine They Challenge Us, ignite the barrels and watch the soldiers and the detonator.

At some point Perkins arrives and wants to negotiate with Markus. He can refuse to speak to the FBI Special Agent at all or listen to what he has to say without obligation. Depending on whether Markus and North are lovers, Perkins' offer varies slightly: If they are not together, Perkins offers Markus to go on living undisturbed if he gives up and moves away. If Markus is no longer unbound, the deal applies to him and North. If Markus accepts, he first goes back to the barricade area to the other dissenters and speaks to them. Afterwards, of course, Perkins doesn't keep his promise and first kills North and then Markus. This dies as a traitor to his people. If he declines the offer, he also goes back to his people and prepares them and himself for the upcoming fight.

The soldiers' attack was not long in coming. During the battle, Markus has to decide again and again whether to save other androids or leave them to their fate. Should he choose to intervene and help, he may die in the process. Regardless of whether he actively supports his followers or not, Markus is surrounded by the emergency services in the end. Depending on which of Jericho's three most important members is still alive, Markus Josh, Simon and North will join them. Surrounded by the soldiers, Markus has to make another important decision and either start singing, kiss North (only available if the two are lovers), do nothing, or sacrifice himself. With the last two options, Markus will be shot and died as a hero. The first two variants depend entirely on the level of public opinion at the time. If this is at "Supporting", the emergency services are withdrawn, if it is below, the androids are killed. If Markus has accepted the detonator for the dirty bomb from North in advance, he still has the option to detonate it. There will be a huge explosion and high casualties, but even at this end, the deviants gain their freedom.

Possible deaths Edit source]

Freedom March [edit | Edit source]

  • If Markus does not convert John into "spare parts", Simon dies during "Stratford Tower" and chooses to sacrifice, he will be killed.
  • Markus can also die if he attacks the police and fails too many QTEs.
  • If Markus files a charge with the riot police and the QTEs fail against the cops attacking him, he will grab a gun and have the choice of shooting himself.

Crossroads [edit | Edit source]

  • If Connor remains a machine and Markus doesn't reach for the gun, Connor will kill him before he can set up the explosives in Jericho.
  • If Markus fails too many QTEs against the cops attacking him, he can die.
  • If Markus is captured by the soldiers, Perkins will execute Markus with his weapon.

Battle for Detroit Edit source]

  • If Connor doesn't become a deviator, he can take to the streets to hunt and kill him if the player controls Connor or if he chooses to control Markus but loses the fight. If Markus escapes into the CyberLife store, Connor has the opportunity to shoot him, or if the time runs out, Connor and Markus shoot each other.
  • If Connor becomes a deviator and Markus' revolution is successful, Amanda will try one last time to force his original programming on him. If Connor can't figure out how to get out of the Zen garden in time, he'll shoot Markus while he is giving his final speech to the androids.
  • If Markus accepts Perkins' deal, he and his people will be killed.
  • If Markus led a revolution but has been shot too many times and North is still alive, she will come to him and show that their hearts are compatible and tell him to take her heart to save herself. Markus can accept, sacrifice North, or refuse to sacrifice himself. If he chooses the latter, he will die.
  • If the public opinion at Markus' demonstration is too low in the end, he and his people will die.
  • If Markus fails to protect the androids behind the barricades, or in the fight itself, he will die.

Gallery [edit | Edit source]

Markus during his speech in Stratford Tower