Whatever happened to Meg Ryan

Meg Ryan doesn't look like anyone anymore

She was the star of romantic films. Then came the turn of the millennium and Meg Ryan is out of the window. Where the hell is she? And what face do I have to look out for?

#By Fabian Tschamper


"Every man is sure that it has never happened to him and all women have done it at least once," or something like that, Sally answers good Harry when asked about fake orgasms. Anyone who thinks of the great romances of our film history will definitely call it “When Harry Met Sally”. The Schnulze with Meg Ryan and Billy Crystal deals with the topic of whether men and women can be friends - without sex.

A question that many people should still be asking themselves today. So a topic that still works in film form. A classic.

"Harry and Sally", that was before - Warning! - 32 years. During the 1990s, Meg Ryan was one of the most famous actresses in the world: “Sleepless in Seattle”, “E-Mail for you” or “City of Angels” melted viewers - yes, women as well as men. It was these fantastic and heartbreaking love stories that everyone wishes for themselves.

Meg had reached the top. And then came the turning point, literally in the form of the millennium and in her career.

And frankly, her face turned for the worse too.

The now 59-year-old Ryan tried to stick to the successful recipe: Romantic dramas, she can and wants to shoot them. But their time was up - Meg Ryans and the Romcoms.

And why? She went under the knife, obviously several times, and her face was never the same again. In this article she even makes it to the cover photo. «Cosmetic surgery? Just say no! », Donatella Versace follows as a second example, but let's leave the lady alone - for the time being.

Maybe it's an addiction

Why the naturally beautiful Meg Ryan could be changed so much, I can only speculate. Perhaps the unsuccessfulness affected her and wanted to become relevant again. Maybe she just didn't think she was beautiful in old age or it was because of the money - it is not for nothing that they say that cosmetic surgery can become an addiction. Similar to tattoos.

Incidentally, Renée Zellweger took a similar path - that is, with regard to facial manipulation - she has also been almost unrecognizable since her “Bridget Jones” days. She, on the other hand, won an Oscar with her new face for the lead role in "Judy", a film by the American actress and singer Judy Garland.

But back to dear Meg: For my part, I would like to see her again in a Schnulze, or in a completely different genre, maybe horror? Okay, that was mean now. I shut up now.

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