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Border Guard
For me, border patrol was always a very special police.
The Border Guard has always been a special police force for me.
It is particularly suited for border patrol and internal security applications.
It's special for Border Guard and internal security suitable.
The border patrol will let my car go through.
It looks like the border patrol or the police.
They're locals, not border patrol.
We are turning Moreno over to the border patrol and taking Lana to a hospital!
We hand Moreno the Border police and bring Lana to the hospital!
They go north, it's Canada, unlikely, but contact border patrol.
North is Canada, unlikely, but notify them Border patrols.
During interrogation Abu Amsha said he had planned an attack on an IDF border patrol and was supposed to be the sniper.
During his interrogation, Abu Amsha said he had an attack on an IDF Border patrol planned and should be used as a sniper for the attack.
On one trip the German border patrol found the three outside the permitted area.
During a hike, the three were met by a German Border patrol found outside the allowed area.
You got five minutes before the border patrol gets here, Wilson.
I checked with the D.E.A., I.C.E., and border patrol - no unusual sightings.
I have worked with the D.E.A., I.C.E. and the Border Guard talked ... no unusual sightings.
The conflict spilled into neighboring Saudi Arabia on November 3 when a Saudi border patrol was ambushed in a cross-border attack, killing one soldier and wounding eleven more.
The conflict spilled over into neighboring Saudi Arabia and on November 3rd became a Saudi one Border patrol ambushed in a cross-border attack, killing one soldier and wounding 11 others.
According to reports, the Egyptian army engineering corps in collaboration with Egyptian border patrol forces has destroyed 200 tunnels, most of them in the Rafah region.
According to reports, the Egyptian army units in cooperation with the Egyptian Border Guard 200 tunnels, mainly located in the Rafach area, have already been destroyed.
They all went through, and then the border patrol saw my American passport.
Everyone went through and then he saw himself Border Guard my amer. Adapt.
Spanish border patrol Guardia Civil, view over the strait of Gibraltar, Tarifa, Spain
Spanish Border Guard Guardia Civil, looking over the Strait of Gibraltar, Tarifa, Spain
Are you sure there is no border patrol here?
He was a member of the U.S. border patrol when he was taken.
He was a member of the U.S. Border protectionwhen he was kidnapped.
The liberation movements of the Karen, Shan, Mon, Chin and Kachin have widely rejected a proposal to become an armed border patrol for Burma.
The freedom movements of the Karen, Shan, Mon, Chin and Kachin, however, mostly refuse to join an armed group Border police Burma to be converted.
Once implemented, there will be a new border patrol in place - an economic patrol that will ensure the equitable collection of taxes for online trading whether it be auctions or fixed price sales.
Once introduced, there is a new one Border Guard in place - an economic patrol that ensures the fair collection of taxes for online trading, whether it is auctioned or fixed price sales.
He has to decide on tax policy, on currency, on border patrol, on policing.
He has to make decisions about taxes or the currency, about Border Guard and police.
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