Naruto becomes a chunin


Academy student / candidate

Academy student is a rank below the genin rank. Academic students learn the basic ninja techniques that every ninja should master. Including the handling of weapons. You have to take a final exam to become a genin.

Genin (sub-ninja)

After the ninja school in your own realm, you become a genin after an exam. You will receive a ninja headband with the symbol of the village and with which you are officially considered a ninja. They are, so to speak, the beginners among the ninjas and therefore only do small tasks. But there are also special genins that are allowed to carry out more difficult tasks. Genin are allowed to complete category D and rarely C ninja missions. Genin are assigned a Jounin as Sensei and 2 other Genin as teammates. In addition, the teams each have a specific number.

Chunin (Middle Inja)

Most of the ninja in Naruto are chunin, i.e. middle ninja. Chunin are mostly leaders of a ninja troop or teachers at the ninja academy. During a three-part exam, the genins are challenged to execute and use the skills they have learned up to the exam. Chunin get category C and B ninja missions.

Special Jounin

Special Jounins are very well trained in a certain area. Special jounins are subordinate to normal jounins.

Jounin (Oberninja)

Jounin are the elite ninja of their village and stand above the Chunin. Jounins sometimes train genins to become chunins and often lead teams of three.

They are the elite of their empire and have passed their exams. They are used in heavy jobs. Among other things, when it comes to fighting other ninja.


Anbu are hunting ninja. They have a special training and are very familiar with human anatomy, as they seldom challenge an opponent to direct combat, but mostly incapacitate or even kill him with targeted hits. The Anbu act covertly and always wear an animal mask so that no one recognizes them. The Anbu have several units and also special units with special training.

Sanin (Legendary Ninja)

San-Nin are very strong ninja, even the strongest in their village, and the contenders for the title of Kage. When a kage dies or otherwise resigns, a san-nin usually takes his place. In Konoha Gakure, only Jiraiya, Tsunade and Orochimaru, who have become Missing Nin in the meantime and who were students of Sarutobi (3rd Hokage), have this rank.


Kage is the highest rank and may only be given to one person in the five ninja villages. The Kages are called Ho- (Konoha Gakure, village behind the leaves), Kaza- (Suna Gakure, village under the sand), Mizu- (Kiri Gakure, village under the mist), Rai- (Kumo Gakure, village under the clouds) , Tsuchi- (Iwa Gakure, village behind the rocks) and Otokage (Oto Gakure, village hidden in the sound, unofficial title of Orochimaru, he founded Oto Gakure).

The Kage is the leader of the ninja village. To become a kage one must understand the sense of humanity, courtesy, loyalty, mercy, duty, reason and master a thousand ninja arts.


These ninjas are very knowledgeable about wounds and injuries and can treat them thanks to a special jutsu. You can only become medicine if you can control your chakra very well.

Nukenin / Missingnin (renegade ninja)

A nukenin is a ninja who betrayed their village or even all of their country. The Nukenin often change countries, for example to be better paid or to have more opportunities. Some Nukenin have also been cast out by the kages of their village because their actions were simply too cruel to be tolerated. An example of a Nukenin would be Orochimaru, who left Konoha and started Oto-Gakure.