How frustrated is the stagnant child

Learning to walk: frustrated

Since we still met regularly with the toddler group at that age, the development was noticed and no one was surprised or sympathetic.

Our crawling group was from December 5th. - 29.1. born. 3 children on January 29th

The first one who could walk was on January 29th, but he couldn't crawl either, he crawled quite "unusually", so he had to come up with something to get hold of the things.

At the age of almost 11 months he ran, fell over, ran, fell over, ran ....... you couldn't even watch.

I also have a 29.1. Son. He was the turbo crawler, none of our crawling group could crawl that fast. And because he was so fast too, and could go anywhere, the interest in walking was very, very little.

But he didn't run free until he was 18 months old. But then at a run and never fell down. Change of soil, from meadow to pavement, or asphalt to pavement, no problem at all. He once deigned to grab my little finger and walked next to me, but crawling was faster, much faster.

When he finally ran, he ran nicer and safer than the others. Didn't want a hand, didn't fall and was very brisk.

Let them crawl or explore the area on their knees. She needs security for herself.

Watch how it will get dry with it.

The ones who got "dry" first, at the age of 2, still have accidents and the kids are now 6 years !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Of the 4 children who got dry first, all of them still have a diaper at night, you can't influence that, it's a hormone thing, but TJ has not puffed at night since he was 2 years old.

TJ was the last one at 3.5 years of age. But I can count the accidents on one hand. When we were out for a walk, 3rd day without a diaper, then came I have to pee, we were fucked up, without a toy. He couldn't pee standing up, but it didn't work to stop him. So everything packed up again and at walking pace.

Then he stops, peeks a little, and then says, it's okay now, and we're going home, and he then empties completely. Any other child would have let it go. His crotch was just wet, the bladder wasn't squeezing anymore and so he could walk home "better". Any other child would have had the pee in the shoe, he could.

There will still be so many "appointments" where your child will be first, midfield or last. If the pediatrician says everything is fine, encourage it, don't overwhelm it.

Every child has their own pace. If you are unsure of your balance, see the doc. Check it out. Otherwise, let them kneel, crawl, etc.

She probably needs all the energy to talk, don't drive yourself crazy !!

All the best