What determines UPS shipping prices

Send a package with UPS

UPS manages the shipment of goods, capital and information in more than 215 countries. UPS's efficiency and productivity have allowed it to become the world's number one in express parcel delivery. Today he is enjoying himselfCourier servicewith an international reputation and grossing billions of dollars every year. All of this information allows us to confirm that with UPS you have a wide range of options with guaranteed safe delivery dates in one of thelargest transport networks in the world.

Price of your parcel shipments with UPS

Save when shipping parcels, pallets and letters with UPS at Upela.com!Reduce the cost of your parcel shipments with UPS thanks to our negotiated tariffs that allow you to ship worldwide at the best price, be it fora parcel to GreeceAustralia orJapan. If you have a business, you can get fromadditional discountsbenefit by simply using oneCreate a company account on Upela: simple, free, non-binding and with no shipping minimum!

The UPS offers for your parcel shipping

With our Shipping cost calculatoryou can find severalUPS offers depending on the type and urgency but also the destination of your shipments.

  • UPS Standard:Inexpensive door-to-door delivery (collection from the sender and delivery directly to the recipient)
  • UPS Saver:Here, too, 24-hour delivery service from door to door
  • UPS Express:Express delivery the day after the parcel has been picked up. Delivery before 12 noon!

The UPS Access Point offers

You no longer need to wait for a UPS driver to pick up or deliver your parcels, youyou can now drop them off or pick them up yourself at a UPS ParcelShopThese are UPS collection pointsMini markets,former “Kiala Relays”, of which there are more than 20,000 in Germany as well as in Europe, Mexico, Canada and the USA.They are open in the evenings and on weekends and offer the greatest flexibility in managing your shipments, whether you are a private individual or a professional.

Tracking a UPS Package

You canYour broadcasts on Upelaor directly on theVisit the UPS tracking website.Would you like to book a UPS shipment or calculate the price?