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Slovenian Riviera: Izola for beginners

Enjoyment by the sea: There are plenty of hours of sunshine in Izola. © Mediteraneo

The way to the south is not that long: on the way to Slovenia we can see - and smell the sea after just under three hours! Compared to its two big sisters in Italy and Croatia, the Slovenian Riviera belongs to the “small but nice” category, but for that very reason it is more than worth a visit. Here Italian dolce vita meet Slovenian hospitality, framed by the azure blue waters of the Adriatic - who needs a long-distance trip to the Caribbean? From dreamy gardens to culinary delicacies: we took a look around the romantic town of Izola, just a few kilometers north of Portorož, and brought a colorful bouquet of insider tips for you.

Competition from the Caribbean: the water in front of Izola, a dream in azure. © Luka Kaše Visit Izola

Stroll through the alleys and go on a journey through time

Izola means island - accordingly, the city was originally built on one, back in the first century. Here you can literally breathe history wherever you take your feet. Our tip for arriving: Stroll through the winding alleyways and let everything sink in. The good thing about Izola is the peace and quiet that reigns here: there are always small, hidden places that invite you to linger and take a deep breath. Did you know that there are no less than 15 parks in Izola? So it's perfect for leaving everyday life behind and arriving in peace.

Azure blue sea, green city: there are 15 different parks in Izola that invite you to relax and explore. © Luka Kaše Visit Izola

This is how the south tastes: Enjoy fine foods from next door

What would a trip to the Adriatic be without culinary delights? The region around Izola is known for several excellent delicacies. On the one hand there are the extensive olive groves in the hinterland, which produce excellent, cold-pressed oil. The fish that is still fished by hand from the sea and then lands directly on the plate. What exactly goes into the nets for fishermen is different every day, so nature cannot be looked at in the cards. Ivica Evačić, head chef at the Hotel Marina restaurant, knows that too: “Mother nature decides and we follow her - that's why some dishes on the menu may not be available.” The catch of the day is always a surprise, but the freshness and quality are unmatched. For Ivica, it is particularly important to be able to use regional ingredients - how good that the Hotel Marina has its own olive groves, from which the native oil almost literally flows directly into its kitchen.

Chef Ivica Evačić serves local specialties in the Hotel Marinara restaurant. © Polona Krevalin

Life by the sea: immerse yourself in the world of shipbuilding

While strolling along the water, we think: You can't get more ocean than that. Except maybe in the Izolana Museum. Especially if you are out and about with your kids, you should plan this item in the program, because here the little ones learn all kinds of interesting facts about fishing and shipbuilding in a playful way. The history of Izola can not only look back on a long fishing history - in the past the ships were still built here in numerous shipyards - there is also a veritable tradition of model making here.

Would you like more sea? No problem in the Izolana Museum. © Luka Kaše Visit Izola

Wine bliss: Treat yourself to the fine wines of the region

Not only olives thrive on the soil of Slovenian Istria, the wine also likes it here. Some varieties are even only native here, such as the Ribolla Gialla. The proximity to the sea, the good soil and the many hours of sunshine are particularly good for the vines and you will taste that too. There are a few wineries around Izola that offer tastings, such as Giorda Winery, from whose vineyards you can see the sea. It's definitely bearable here.

At its best: Andrej Cep presses the region's grape varieties at the Gordia winery. © Gordia

From the rails to the bike: discover the Parenzana

If after so much enjoyment you are in the mood for some activity, the best thing to do is get on your bike, because the area around Izola is particularly easy to discover on two wheels. Whether it's a sporty road bike or a more leisurely ride on an e-bike - you will definitely get your money's worth here. Equipped accordingly, you can discover the region's former lifeline: the Parenzana. The "Path of Health and Friendship", as the former railway line is also called, meanders along the coast from Trieste in Italy to Poreč in Croatia and contributed significantly to the region's economic boom at the beginning of the 20th century. Instead of taking the narrow-gauge railway, the best way to discover the 123 km long route is on two wheels, because the former routes were developed accordingly. Our tip: On the section between Koper and Izola you drive directly along the water - if that is not a top-class cycling experience.

For active people: In Izola you cycle right by the sea! © mmphoto

Do you dream of the sea? Off to Izola!

What else the romantic town has in store for you and where you can spend the most dignified - you can find all the information here!