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The breathtaking 3D street art by a Mexican artist

From TRAVELBOOK | February 13, 2021, 11:11 a.m.

The Mexican artist Carlos Alberto GH is a master of 3D art. His street scenes look like optical illusions. TRAVELBOOK shows some of his most fascinating works.

Birds that fly through a wall or sharks that seem to swim in the streets - street artist Carlos Alberto GH has the gift of transforming anything and everything into optical 3D illusions. Although the artist, who comes from Guadalajara, Mexico, only dedicated himself to street art a few years ago, his 3D street art images are already known worldwide. He painted, among other things. already in the USA, Latvia, Russia, Italy, Spain and also Germany.

3D street art to immerse yourself in

Carlos Alberto GH, who is trained as a restorer of archaeological cultural property, says about his art: “This type of work is great for interacting with people […] because it gives the impression of being real objects, so you can pose in the picture as if you were part of it. "

And that's exactly what makes Carlos Alberto GH's 3D street art so unique. Look for yourself!

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