Which country has higher income from tourism?

The 5 countries with the highest tourism revenues

The global tourism industry is booming. In emerging countries such as China in particular, the residents' disposable income and thus prosperity are increasing. The result: people travel more and more often.

Overall, international tourism increased by a further 7% to 1.32 billion foreign arrivals in 2017, according to current figures from the World Tourism Organization (UNTWO). The tourism organization assumes that the number of outbound travelers will reach 1.8 billion tourists in 2030.

The global tourism industry now employs more than 100 million people. Although France recorded the highest number of arrivals with 86.9 million foreign tourists, the USA continues to generate the highest tourism income. An overview of the 5 countries with the highest tourism income (as of 2017):

5. United Kingdom: Tourism income US $ 51.2

The UK is not in the top 10 most visited countries, but tourism revenue still rose 12.1% to US $ 51.2.

4. Thailand: tourism income US $ 57.5 billion

3 million more tourists visited Thailand in 2017. According to the report, industry in the region has benefited from improved infrastructure and visa exemptions for citizens of some countries. Total tourism revenue increased 13.1% to $ 57.5 billion.

3. France: tourism income US $ 60.7 billion

France has also long been one of the countries with the highest tourism revenues. With around 86.9 million foreign tourists per year, it is the most visited country in the world.

In addition to the Eiffel Tower, the great diversity of the natural areas is particularly attractive. In addition to Paris, the main attractions for tourists are the Côte d’Azur, the Loire Valley, the Atlantic coast and the southwest of France.

A further increase in visitor numbers ensures that France's tourism income continues to increase to 60.7 billion US dollars (+ 9% compared to the previous year).

2. Spain: tourism income US $ 68 billion

Spain is one of the most traveled countries in the world. Most recently, Spain was able to attract 81.8 million foreign tourists - a new record. Mallorca and the Balearic Islands are certainly among the most popular destinations for foreign tourists.

Since summer 2016 there has been a kind of "holiday tax" in Spain. This “tax for sustainable tourism” is between € 0.5 and € 2.0 per person per night. The income, which is estimated at € 50 million per year, should benefit the infrastructure. Overall, Spain's tourism income recently rose 10.1% to US $ 68 billion.

1. USA: tourism income US $ 210.7 billion

No country in the world has more tourism income than the USA. Although the USA receives slightly fewer visitors than France with almost 75.9 million foreign tourists, the country is well ahead of all other countries in the world in terms of tourism income (US $ 210.7 billion).

The reason for the tourism boom in the USA is not only the Big Apple (New York), but also the vast nature (Rocky Mountains) and the many beaches (Malibu Beach etc.). The numerous theme and amusement parks (Disneyland Resort) also act as a tourist magnet. Overall, tourism income in the USA recently increased by a further 1.9%.

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