A premium Vimeo account is worth it

Vimeo: costs and subscription models at a glance


Vimeo has established itself as an exclusive alternative to YouTube. The HD platform offers video producers the opportunity to present their uploads within the scope of various tariffs. We take a look at the cost and features.

Vimeo offers a suitable subscription model for all user types.

Vimeo describes itself as a high quality platform for ad-free HD videos. Because of its great popularity, Vimeo is particularly popular with ambitious video producers and is considered an alternative to YouTube, where quantity is more important than quality. They have the choice between the following subscription models.

Vimeo: Costs of all four packages in comparison

At Vimeo you can choose between four tariff models:
  • Vimeo Basic: The basic plan is free and allows you to store 500 MB per week with an annual limit of 25 GB.
  • Vimeo Plus: For 5 euros per month, you can save 5 GB per week / a maximum of 250 GB per year.
  • Vimeo PRO: For 14 euros per month you can save 20 GB per week / a maximum of 1 TB per year. In the higher version, you have a total of 3 TB available per year for 30 euros per month.
  • Vimeo Business: The most expensive model costs 40 euros per month, in contrast, you can upload unlimited videos up to an annual maximum of 5 TB.
Aside from the amount of memory allowed, there are other differences, such as the options for video conversion, tools, support and security. A detailed table can be found here. Thanks to this clear graduation, Vimeo appeals to beginners as well as advanced users and professionals.
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