Which false eyelashes look real

With this beauty hack, fake lashes look like real eyelashes

Those who often and like to wear false eyelashes usually use cheap ones for reasons of cost. But they often look very unnatural. Fortunately, there is a beauty hack that makes artificial eyelashes look expensive and natural in no time. | (elh / spot) Don't rememberMark0 Comments Recommend article

Long eyelashes are essential for a sexy look. Unfortunately, not every woman is blessed with perfectly curved eyelashes, but luckily there are fake lashes that add an extra dose of drama. However, it becomes problematic if you want to help regularly: Then artificial eyelashes can be quite expensive. So cheap eyelashes are needed and unfortunately they often look anything but natural.

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On the Internet, in perfumery, and even at H&M, you can find false eyelashes for less than five euros. However, these rarely have anything to do with a natural look: They are too shiny, too accurately fanned out, in short: too perfect. But there is a simple trick that can make them look much more natural and like your own eyelashes without much effort. All you need is a clean eyelash brush.

Small trick, big effect

And this is how the beauty hack works: Simply brush the artificial eyelashes vigorously with the eyelash brush. The procedure should be repeated until the stiff lashes are separated so well that they look like real ones. You don't have to be squeamish about it. The Facebook video by make-up artist Paloma Garcia shows: With a lot of pressure and quick zigzag movements, the cheap lashes can be given a natural finish in under half a minute.

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And there is one more trick that women who wear false eyelashes should know: In many cases, the lash band is a little too long. Even before glue comes into play, you should hold the lashes on your own lash line and use nail scissors to carefully cut off the part that protrudes from the outer corner of the eye. You already have individual fake lashes that are perfectly adapted to the eyes.

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