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Mono 5.0 released with Roslyn C # compiler and concurrent garbage collection

Last week Microsoft released version 5.0 of Mono, the open source alternative to the classic .NET framework. This is the first major mono release since Microsoft acquired Xamarin, the company behind the .NET alternative, a little over a year ago.

Mono 5.0 includes the Roslyn C # compiler, which has also been used in Microsoft's Visual Studio development environment for some time and is now available in addition to Mono's own mcs compiler. In addition, the developers have integrated MSBuild. The build tool, like the Roslyn compiler, is one of the projects that became open source tools in the wake of Microsoft's opening up to open source tools.

In addition, the new Mono now also supports the language features introduced with C # 7.0. The latest language generation made its debut in Visual Studio 2017, which was released in March. C # 7.0 support is covered by the Roslyn compiler. After all, the Concurrent Garbage Collector is now the new standard garbage collection tool, and there is talk of better integration with Microsoft's .NET. As a result, Mono and Microsoft's .NET have more common code than before.

Those interested can find more detailed information in the release notes. (ane)

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