Can I live without a girl

Emergency aid in special situations

Our association has been campaigning for the rights of girls and young women for almost 40 years.
In our three inpatient facilities, assisted girls' living and mother-and-child living in Kreuzberg and Schöneberg, we support girls and young women with and without children in their endeavor to build an independent life.
And our advice center for girls, young women and young mothers helps anonymously, free of charge and unbureaucratically in all imaginable emergencies.
Of course, these offers also apply to refugee girls and young women.
The girls and women living with us are repeatedly confronted with financial difficulties that they cannot cope with without help. We would like to support you with emergency aid in special life situations and not leave you alone with your worries.
Maria cannot afford the additional payment for the glasses. Fatima received a certified German course from the office and learned very eagerly. A follow-up course follows directly. You and we find participation absolutely sensible, but a second course is not paid for by the authorities.
15-year-old Mara had to leave her child with her violent husband when she fled to Berlin. She is now of legal age and would like to have her child with her. She cannot pay for the necessary maternity test. It's confirmed with DNA: You are the mother. The child is allowed to fly to Berlin as part of the family reunification. But she can't pay for the flight.
The whereabouts of a young mother has not been clarified. We need legal assistance quickly and unbureaucratically.
Examples of special life situations in which we have been able to support in the last few weeks
Since we usually have to act immediately and we cannot wait for donations to arrive, we set up the requirements as refinancing.
Maybe it turns out weird when you're supposed to donate something that has already been paid for. But please bear in mind that we can only react ad hoc to new requirements if the old requirements are refinanced.