What you can learn from traveling

Which 5 important qualities you will learn while traveling

You and I - we are all in the endnothing more than the large sum of our experiences and experiences. What can be more valuable than “soaking up” as many different impressions as possible while traveling and learning from them?

Correct! Nothing…! Because travel, far from huge castles,offer you a deep impression of different cultures, ways of thinking, landscapes and living conditions from which you can learn an infinite amount - that shapes your character.

From the 5 most important qualities that you learn by traveling - tell you in the further articleMelanie, who publishes unique suggestions, tips and inspiration for “Flashpacker” on her blog “Good Morning World”.

Melanie seeks inspiration, unique experiences and emotional moments on her travels around the world -she is “addicted to travel” and is constantly looking for new goals and experiences. You can find out more about Melanieon your blog and Facebook page:

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5 important things you will learn from traveling

Do you love traveling just as much as I do?Is there nothing better for you than to be in a distant and exciting country? To immerse yourself fully in the foreign culture and to experience as many wonderful moments as possible?

Then I bid you warmlywelcome to the club for those who are chronically wanderlust and for whom there will never be a cure!Traveling for the sake of travel can be an absolutely wonderful and fulfilling experience, but sometimes it's just grueling, grueling, and not at all glamorous ...

In addition to the many good experiences, you are sure to have some bad ones. Maybe you get robbed, lose something important, or you get sick and have to deal with it all by yourself.You may get terribly homesick because nothing works again. On these days - when everything seems to have conspired against you - we are often particularly prone to quarreling with our fate ...

These moments and days exist for every one of us travelers, howeverif you are then strong and not give in, then you will grow with it.

You will change. Maybe not overnight, but over time you will notice the change in yourself.You become more tolerant towards others, more open to everything new and unknown and much more relaxed when something doesn't go according to plan.

I haveI've learned an incredible amount from my travels so far. Important things that no school can teach you, only life itself!


You don't need much to live & be happy!

You definitely know that too, right?At home in your own four walls you have way too much unnecessary clutter anyway, but still the feeling you would need more!

First, because one is through our society and the advertisements that are constantly bombarding usgets the impression that you really need all of this to live, and secondly because you simply have the space for it.

It's different when traveling.You can only take things with you that fit in the very limited space of your suitcase or backpack. And that's definitely not very much.

Most of the things that you take for granted at home, you may have to do without for weeks.But now I see that as a real blessing!

When you travel, you only have the essentials with you - it's the impressions that count.

Many of the things we deal with on a daily basis are actually completely superfluous and only rob us of time and energy that we could otherwise invest much better and more sensibly.

I find it very liberatingwhen I have few objects around me that require my attention in some way. Then I am much more open to everything that is neglected in everyday life.

Healthy nutrition, exercise, nice conversations, just listening to a person in peace or reading a great book ...

A pleasant side effect is alsothat you can really appreciate the beautiful things at home after a long period of renunciation. For example, a really hot shower in the evening or your own cozy bed, in which you can wake up really well rested in the morning without back pain.


You learn patience and serenity!

At the beginning, traveling will push you to your personal limits. You often get shortto be faced with despair because a lot of things just don't go as they do at home.

Because the tenth bus is more than two hours late or does not come at all, or because the African employee of the bank has no desire or leisure to help you, even though the ATM has just swallowed your credit card and you are close to tears because your onward flight the next morning is at stake.Exactly these situations are your chance to learn patience and serenity.

In the beginning you have to force yourself to stay calm and not freak out at the smallest opportunity, but over time it comes automatically.

When traveling in nature, one experiences silence and serenity.

Because you just can't change anything about it.This is a very valuable insight for me: Not to waste unnecessary energy on things that cannot be changed anyway.

And when you have traveled often enough and long enough, you will notice a momentous change in yourself.

At least it was and still is like this for me to this day:Over time I have identified more and more with the relaxed and stress-free mentality of the countries I have traveled to and then couldn't understand all the homemade and unnecessary stress in Germany.

And so it is with me until todaywhy are we making life unnecessarily difficult for ourselves here?


You get to know friendships & maybe also partnerships in a completely different way!

Are you one of the lucky ones?and don't have to travel alone? Maybe you are out and about with your partner or with a good friend?

Some relationships or friendships are put to a severe test when traveling together and do not survive, buta trip together can also consolidate this on the other hand. Much more than in everyday life, you learn to rely on each other almost blindly and to trust each other.

It's a very nice experience when it works!

But traveling alone can also be wonderful and fulfilling,because you will surely meet many other like-minded peoplethat will more than enrich your life!

The sea has always attracted travelers.

Travel friends are super intense and very different from at home!You will get to know and maybe even love extraordinary people, whom you would never meet in the daily grind. People who make their dreams come true. Who don't mind if others think they're nuts or dreamers ...

You should experience and enjoy such a friendship at least once in your life.

Unfortunately, it can very well be that after the trip the contact breaks off quite quickly. It's kind of like thata phenomenon of travel friendships. But just live the moment here and be happy to have had these moments together!


You get to know yourself, your wishes and your limits better!

On a trip you have a thousand different possibilities to try out and test everything.Who do you want to be How do you want to be But the most important question of all is: who are you right now?

Especiallya trip all by yourself can teach you so much about yourself as years at home - involved in the same everyday life - never could!Test yourself, push yourself to your limits. And then go even further than you actually think you can and be proud of yourself if it went well!

Listen to your heart and stomach much more often, listen to what they both have to say to you.In everyday life we ​​usually overhear what they want to tell us. Sometimes quite deliberately, because it would mean change and thus courage and effort ...


You get a new perspective on your life and your future!

Maybe what you are doing at the moment - your job - is not what you love to spend your time with.We all in our society today mostly slip into somewhere be it through our parents, our teachers or other people.

People who always think they know exactly what is best for us.And from their point of view this is usually some kind of secure job.Which gives us a certain safe routine, butmostly does not make us happy, does not fulfill us. Who is simply not worth wasting most of our lives on it!

But if you are in the middle of everyday life - in this hamster wheel - then you havesimply not clearing your mind to think about changes. You're just trying to function as well as possible, day in and day out.

On some trips you find friends for life.

At least that's how I felt for many years! You are welcome to teach me if you think that I am wrong ...

A trip can give you exactly this necessary freedom! Now you have time to think about what you really want in your life ...

Often it happens all by itself. An insight hits you like lightning and you think:"Why didn't I recognize that much earlier?" From this moment on, it is up to you to turn these valuable thoughts and insights into reality!

Also become a bit like one of those dreamers anddo not care what others might think of you! In no case just continue your previous path if you actually know that it is not the right one for you!

Do not continue as before just because it would be easier, but change something!

Change your life! I know it takes a lot of courage to take a new path butYou will definitely not regret it!

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So, let's go andcollect your own experiences and learn new things every day on your travels. See the world with your own eyes and be open to new, different values ​​- which you may not have thought about in everyday life.

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