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Harry Potter and Gladiator: The 6 blatant film mistakes

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Embarrassing! 6 film mistakes that were discovered too late

Directors and producers are human too - so it's no wonder that small (or not so small) mistakes have crept into some films that were only discovered much later by attentive viewers.

The fact that the “Harry Potter” series was not spared from this is also to be expected with a total of eight films - and the legendary ups moment when a cameraman suddenly appears in the second part (“The Chamber of Secrets”) you know for sure!

But there were also such embarrassments in numerous other films. We'll tell you where what went wrong! How many film mistakes have you noticed yourself?

"Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix"

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If you watch the 5th part of the series very carefully, you will quickly notice: Harry, boy, where is your scar? In fact, in some scenes it was forgotten to paint Daniel Radcliffe's trademark on Harry's forehead, especially in recordings in which Harry does not speak much.

"The Lord of the Rings - The Return of the King"

Legolas, the most beautiful Elbe that this world (or Frodo's world) has ever seen. Light blonde whale mane, bright blue eyes - stop! Actually Legolas has blue eyes, yes; only in one scene in “The Return of the King” his eyes suddenly turn brown. Why? Because Orlando Bloom couldn't stand the contact lenses he was supposed to wear for the blue dyeing and then his eyes had to be re-colored on the computer; only in this scene was it forgotten. Oops!

"Dirty Dancing"

“Dirty Dancing” is probably our all favorite dance film - there is one big flaw in it! You will surely remember that scene in which the baby is practicing dancing. What is she wearing on her feet? White sneakers. But wait! They're Keds ... They didn't come out until the 1980s - and the film is set in the 60s!


Every woman has seen it 100 times - but have you ever noticed this obvious mistake? The deck of the Titanic changes significantly between Jack's first cheers and the epic “I can fly!” Scene of the lovers. How did that end up in the finished film?

"Marie Antoinette"

What? What?? What??? In this work, which filmed the life of the Queen of France, Marie Antoinette, pastel blue / purple (?) Chucks can be seen in a scene in the background. Remember: Marie Antoinette lived in the 18th century. That must have been on purpose, right ?!


In the classic with Russell Crowe there is an embarrassing faux pas to be observed: When one of the chariots tips over, a hidden gas bottle becomes visible. Pretty progressive for ancient Rome! 😉

The most beautiful Tim Burton films:

If you don't get at least 1 point in this quiz, you are 1 ugly Muggle ⚡

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