India has cyber soldiers

India wants to improve cyber security and data protection

Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has called on the Ministry of Information Technology and the National Association of Software Companies (NASSCOM) to come up with proposals to amend previous laws in order to improve data protection. It should be ensured that "every breach of confidentiality, every illegal disclosure of business or other important information and every form of cyber crime can be considered a criminal offense," said a statement from the Prime Minister. He had previously met with representatives of the IT industry and some ministries.

NASSCOM boss Kiran Karnik welcomes Singh's initiative. It is necessary that the Information Technology Act of 2000 be reviewed in order to develop a better legal framework for cybersecurity. The meeting took place against the background of reports of extensive data misuse, the Prime Minister said.

The British paper had last week The Sun reports that an undercover reporter bought around 1000 records from an Indian call center employee through bank accounts. According to media reports, the accused denies any guilt. The Prime Minister emphasized that the Indian IT specialists had built a good reputation for themselves worldwide through their hard work, which should not be damaged by the misconduct of a few. (anw)

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