What is hot boiling water or steam

Boiling water evaporates

Water has three forms: solid, liquid and gaseous. Most of the time, the children experience the water in a liquid state. In winter, when it is cold enough outside, they also experience it in the solid state as ice or snow. The children often do not experience the gaseous water consciously. Water as a gas is invisible. That is why water evaporation is difficult to understand for children.

It behaves differently with boiling water. The hot steam that rises here is clearly visible - but only because there are still many tiny liquid droplets in it. Strictly speaking, however, we do not speak of water evaporation here, but of boiling: when water has a certain temperature (boiling point), it turns into a gaseous state.

For our children, however, it is interesting to see that water can really become gaseous. So just fill a small pot with a little water (just so that the bottom is covered) and then bring the water to a boil. The water boils quickly and water vapor rises. It only takes a few minutes for the spectacle to end. And when the children look into the pot now, they realize that there is no more water. Now the children have understood that water can "fly away".


  • Please keep an eye on the children during this experiment. The pot, stove and steam are very hot!
  • For the subject of water evaporation, I recommend the book "How does water get into the cloud?"

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