How good is the Bollywood movie fan

Criticism: fan (2016)

Critic Rating: 3 / 5

The new film by the now 50-year-old Bollywood actor Shah Rukh Khan is about a crazy fan and thus generally about the delicate relationship between a superstar and his admirers. The double role gives Khan the opportunity to self-ironically grapple with the star attitudes in the film business and with his own aging. Because on the one hand he plays the established superstar Aryan Khanna, on the other hand his fan Gaurav, who is around 25 years younger. Directed by Maneesh Sharma, the drama develops into a stalking thriller with action scenes full of stunts.

Gaurav has mastered all the cool moves and charming gestures of his idol on the open-air stage of the Super Star competition. Aryan Khanna has become so much of his imagined alter ego that he is completely aligning his own life with him. Shah Rukh Khan practically reflects the star cult from both sides - for example when thousands of fans in Mumbai wait for Aryan to show up and wave to them. This high-flyer even has the power to order the police around - but the moment he loses the audience's favor, he's a nobody. The duped Gaurav wants to teach his snooty star this lesson, but he is not able to maintain boundaries himself. By turning the young man into a psychopathic stalker, the film deliberately gives itself a bitter, thoughtful note. In fact, if the star and his fans do not want to mutate into fanatics, they must equally learn to deal with inevitable dissonances: for example, when Aryan is already being described on television as an aging man and a young star threatens to overtake him.

It's amazing how well the visual makeover works when Khan takes on the role of the fan. In general, the staging attaches great importance to visual effects, also in the fast-paced action scenes in picturesque locations. Aryan and Gaurav hunt each other, for example in the streets of Dubrovnik or on the tiled roofs of the old city. There is facade climbing in India and a riot in London's wax museum. Nostalgia pervades the action scenes when they are reminiscent of old bond films and caper movies. The music turns up a lot. Musical interludes are missing, but not the typical Bollywood generosity in dealing with feelings. All in all, "Fan" offers rich genre entertainment with action and thoughtful tones.

Conclusion: Bollywood legend Shah Rukh Khan deals in a double role with the sometimes precarious symbiotic connection between star and fans. He embodies a young stalker and his actor idol, who get tangled up in an action-packed cat and mouse game that is also played outside of India, in London and in picturesque Dubrovnik. Great show values ​​and a thriller atmosphere meet unleashed feelings and thoughtful tones.

Bianka Piringer