Does ice transfer heat or does the transfer work

Prisma Physik 2, textbook

1 The sense of temperature  We perceive temperatures with our skin. 2 is the water hot or cold? The skin - the largest human organ the skin is the largest human organ. in an adult it has an average surface area of ​​around 2m 2. the skin on the one hand shields the body from the outside world, on the other hand it establishes contact with it. We feel touch and pressure through the skin, we can feel things, feel pain and feel warmth and cold. there are many nerve endings in the skin that act like sensors. They react to touch, pain, warmth or cold and transmit signals to the brain via nerve pathways. In the outdoor pool daniel and Lisa go to the outdoor pool on a hot summer's day. after you've changed, put your things on the lawn and off you go to the swimming pool. Lisa is still taking a cold shower while Daniel is about to descend the steps into the pool. “Is that cold!” Shouts Daniel and slowly goes deeper into the water, step by step. Lisa jumps into the water and emerges again. “It's really warm,” she says. “Come on in, you frostbite”. Why do they both feel the same water temperature so differently? The temperature sense Lisa and Daniel perceive the same temperature of the water differently because they were previously exposed to different temperatures. Lisa feels the water is warm after a cold shower, while Daniel feels cold compared to the warm air. the sense of temperature is vital for us humans so that we can protect our bodies accordingly. people have a temperature sense that makes them perceive their environment as warm or cold. Heat transfer between two bodies at different temperatures heat transfer takes place. a heater z. b. transfers heat to the air in the room. With ice cubes in hand, heat is transferred from the hand to the ice. Heat is a form of energy. Heat transfer is therefore the transfer of energy. a body that heats another transmits energy. cold water warm water lukewarm water 3 how does the lukewarm water feel? try it! For testing purposes only - property of the publisher öbv

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