How do you live a great life

The life is wonderful, is not it? Instructions for a happy beautiful life

If you ever find yourself lying in cold, wet mud, then this should be one of the happiest moments of your life - because This is life. Dirty, but happy? Is the? Yes it works and if you don't believe it, ask a couple of children wallowing in the dirt. You are happy, forget the world, live in the NOW without fears. Wet dirt is something beautiful for the children, for the adults this thought turns into horror. The question "The life is wonderful, is not it?" both answer completely differently, despite the same situation. Strange isn't it?

Are the children not yet alive or are the adults already dead?

I think the second is correct and today I would like to describe to you in the post why life is beautiful although it does not always seem that way. A little guide to a happy, beautiful life. Curious? Then continued. If not, then I wish you a good life, which you will not have because you are not reading this article. (smile)

Think differently

You always have the power to decide how you perceive an object or event in your life. I am always amazed how many people fail to accept things and thereby make their existence difficult. A prime example is the typical cold or flu. Here you can demonize this condition, get angry about it and feel even sicker. Or you take this thing on. Simply for the reason that such an illness is part of life, you have survived it a few times and you also know that it will be successfully overcome after a few days. I don't want to ask you to be happy about the flu, but if you manage to see it as part of your life and yourself, then it is not so bad.

This simple example shows well that your way of looking at things makes your life (more) worth living, or pulls you into the unsightly. There are so many things that repel people. These things are part of life. Typical are:

  • Bad weather on a day you planned a hike
  • Your food doesn't taste good
  • The subject of death is also part of life and must be accepted
  • Other people think differently
  • Illnesses and ailments

Often it is about things that you cannot change. Why not accept that they “belong”? If you manage to realize that a hike is fun in bad weather, then your life will be more beautiful. If you don't hold on to death and the deceased for too long, your life will be easier. If you accept your illnesses, then you are a little bit healthier. (smile)

Note: The more things you accept, the easier it will be for you to deal with them. A big step towards a better life.

Your life is a couch

There's a scene in American Beauty that I really love. Lester and Carolyn get closer, about to get intimate. Carolyn realizes that some beer is about to be poured onto the expensive sofa and asks Lester to take care. This ticks completely off with the words "This is just a couch". Preferably click here to view this excerpt on Youtube to watch so you know what I mean.

There is a great deal of truth in this ticker. People give things too high a value, make themselves dependent on them. Clever marketing in particular pushes these sick thoughts into people's heads. It is forgotten that a car is just a means of transportation, a smartphone is just a means of communication, a pair of pants is just a piece of clothing, and a couch is just a couch. At the moment when we give things too high (emotional) value, we chain ourselves in, narrow our lives.

It is always said that the newest smartphone saves your memories even better. But be honest - how often do you look at the pictures on your iPhone? Where are the real memories? Right in your thoughts. And yet a smartphone is sometimes treated like a sanctuary, and it is just a means of communication and storage. Wouldn't you be able to live more and have less fun if you didn't have a phone? No, life goes on and we give the thing too high a value? Crazy isn't it?

If you manage to separate the material from your emotions, then you are not only freer, but your life becomes more beautiful. There's a lot of rational minimalism in here.

Note: things are only things and will only be captivating if you give them too high a value.

Self-fulfilling prophecies

Expectations will always come about the way you focus on them. If you are one of those people who have the feeling of being haunted by bad luck, then this will happen. On the other hand, if you are a person who sees happiness, then it will stay that way. As crazy as it sounds (I didn't believe it either) the truer it is. Prophecies always come in and in there is a stupid mistake in thinking and acting.

On a Friday the 13th there are always two types of people. Some will see it as a day of bad luck, others are looking for happiness. And both will be right:

Bad luck day

These people don't associate good things with the day, focus on everything bad. If an accident occurs, then they are reassured because they have proof of the bad luck day again. Unfortunately, the focus is deflected away from the good so that it is not seen. Even if the whole day goes great, only one thing goes wrong, then only the negative thing is thought of. It is stored in the brain.

Lucky day

Conversely, the optimist concentrates on the good things and no longer sees the bad things. Even if one or the other bad thing happens, the lucky day viewer will only need one thing to neutralize it.

What you focus on is much more likely to happen. Imagine you are convinced that you have a good life ...

Note: Prophecies are very likely to come true. So look for the beautiful ones so that your life becomes beautiful.

Everyone is the designer of his own life

I can't just quit my job. Why not?
I can't just emigrate. What's stopping you?
I can't shave my hair off. Who says that?

Most of the boundaries are only in our heads and you decide whether they restrict your life or you are free. Caught in social conventions we don't do things we want just because others want us not to do them.

You can't go to a birthday party at 8. Why not when you don't feel like it anymore?
If someone gives me something, do I have to return?
I have to go to work until I retire. Not true either.

People don't do things just because a wrong thought prevents them from doing them. If you want to have a good life, just do the things you want. Don't get caught up in conventions and traditions, be free. I know it sounds a little strange and crazy, but think about it. Most of the blocks in your life are your thinking blocks.

Note: Always do what you want, what is good for you. Otherwise your life is not as free as it could be.

A festival for the senses

Senses make your life the ultimate event. The possibilities to feel, to hear, to sense, to taste or to love make up your life. Countless nuances in all of your senses make every moment unique.

On a summer morning you can feel the cool wind of the night as well as the warm sun on your skin. You can see millions of colors and enjoy these pictures. To taste sweet, bitter, salty is a dream. The connection to other people or even the opportunity to love ...

... all of these things are an incredible festival of the senses. They are essential for your life and the moment you realize, enjoy and feel all of this your life is just beautiful. Walking barefoot through the wet grass - nice. Playing in the wet mud - wonderful. Seeing the sun rise from a mountain in the valley - unique. To want to count the stars - impossible magical. I am sure you know these encounters with your senses and know how it feels to enjoy all of this. One of my favorite quotes from the film American Beauty also fits here:

“But it's hard to stay angry when there's so much beauty in the world… Sometimes I feel like I'm seeing all the beauty at once. But that's just too much. My heart then feels like a balloon that is about to burst. And then it goes through my head: I should relax and stop trying to hold onto the beauty. Then it flows through me like rain. And I can't feel anything except gratitude for every single moment of my stupid little life. "

Note: Your senses will make your life more beautiful - if you allow it. (smile)

Nice rest

Organizing thoughts and feeling life - both require an important ingredient. Rest for yourself. A time of not being distracted. Regardless of whether it is an hour of rest or a personal retreat - the distance to the world around you must be regular. This is the only way you can find yourself, understand what you really want and what defines your life. I can give you a great guide at this point with the (Listen) book The Café on the Edge of the World * recommend. In this work you are taken on a journey in a sympathetic story. A journey on which you will learn what your goals and wishes in life are.

Only when you know this will you live YOUR life and decorate it with "beautiful". Nothing is worse than a constant bombardment of the colorful flashing world and your own loss of reality. It is the calm that you need to see the beautiful in your life, to realize. The peace and quiet to put away your stress LINK.

I usually get my rest periods while cycling or hiking. All alone in nature, without distraction, clear your mind. After a while, positive thoughts, ideas and craziness come to mind. Armed with a notebook, I jot down the best of them so I can take them with me later. Without notice, I usually forget the great things after a few hours.

"There was something."

Note: To see the beauty of life you need rest periods.


It is indescribable on how many uniqueness your life is based, how many centuries it took so that you can now read this text here. The big bang, the creation of the universe, the development of mankind ... the fact that you are NOW and HERE is incomprehensible, incomprehensibly beautiful. You are surrounded by uniqueness.

... every person is unique
... every moment is unique
... every feeling is never the same as before
... every breath is new
... every sunrise is created anew (and looks different)
... every place in the world is unique

Priceless, less likely than winning the lottery, and yet many people go through life blindly. Instead of realizing this uniqueness, they force their looks at the bad things in life.

The very fact that you are alive is unique. If you then have found a partner, then two of these uniqueness meet. Isn't this incomprehensibly beautiful and worth living in?


I hope I was able to tease some nice thoughts out of you? Possibly a little disordered, but unique. (smile) You should always be aware of one thing: the value of your life and the beauty that goes with it. Without opening your eyes to it, your life can't be beautiful you alone determine the beauty. Your interpretation of things creates your world, your life. And if your life is not (yet) beautiful, then think differently, separate yourself from materialistic errors of thought, predict good things from time to time, construct your life, let your senses free, indulge yourself in peace and realize the uniqueness of your life. Yes you are right. Sometimes there are not beautiful things in life, but life itself is beautiful.

Whenever you understand and allow it.

I wish you a good life


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