What is a TESOL program

Language School in New York - New York English Academy

Next start date: July 27, 2020

We are introducing the English Academy TESOL program for American English to you in New York

The New York English Academy TESOL program is inspired by the most famous TESOL programs in the world, such as the University of Cambridge CELTA and Trinity College TESOL Certificate. Why the NYEA TESOL program is unique is because it focuses on American English - a recognition of the distinct cultural and linguistic character of a language built over centuries by an international immigrant community. The NYEA TESOL program will show teachers how to teach the american language.

Each teacher will focus on 8 areas:

  • Become a good teacher of American English
  • Learn the rules and conventions of the American language
  • The four basic skills of American English: reading, writing, listening and speaking, teaching
  • Understanding to know the difference between American and Non-American English
  • Lesson planning for the American language
  • Watching master teacher of American English
  • Get observation and evaluation from master teachers of American English
  • Student needs assessment and program adaptation for American language learners

American TESOL learning objectives

American TESOL 1

1To understand the origins and evolution of the American English language.
2To understand the current variations between American British English and other "World English".
3Become familiar with the production and understanding language skills in the context of American English language acquisition.
4Become familiar with basic ESL teaching strategies and how these strategies are used in American English language learning.
5To acquire the ability to produce high quality lesson plans for an ESL class.
6To be able to observe and evaluate the ESL teaching methodology in a living classroom environment.
7To be able to do an ESL lesson plan one at a time in a real ESL classroom.

American TESOL 2

8American TESOL students will be able to plan and teach a full-time ESL class from volunteer ESL students.
9Students will acquire the ability to implement and refine the curriculum and class syllabi.
10American TESOL students will produce a detailed profile and academic plan for an actual NYEA ESL undergraduate degree.
11The American TESOL student is given the ability to assess the needs of a real ESL class and adapt to the needs of the students.

American TESOL 3

12To become a competent and independent ESL teacher who is able to refine the course content according to the special needs of ESL students.
13To become a competent and independent ESL teacher who is able to build a curriculum independently.
14Develop a personal teaching philosophy based on research and empirical evidence.
15To develop the ability to competently observe and evaluate the American TESOL 3 students.
16To be able to independently produce a week's worth of ESL lesson plans for a real ESL class.
17To be able to carry out a 2-week ESL course independently and to deliver 2 weeks of ESL lesson plans.


16 hours / week
Monday to Thursday from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

tuition fee

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