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Catch up on school leaving qualifications - right after general school

How school-leaving qualifications can be made up for

If you want to improve your high school diploma, you should be willing to invest time. By the way, you have various options for achieving this goal. The routes can also differ from state to state. Some examples:

  • Vocational Preparation Year (BVJ):
    The BVJ can also be called differently in individual federal states (e.g. career orientation year - BOJ). You will get to know different professional fields and do several internships. Under certain conditions, you can also catch up on the secondary school leaving certificate with the vocational preparation lessons. Find out more in advance.
  • Vocational school:
    Some professions cannot be learned in the company, but only at a vocational school. Depending on the course of study, the secondary school leaving certificate, an intermediate educational qualification or the technical college entrance qualification can also be acquired. Find out about the requirements.
  • Vocational training measure (BvB):
    The BvB is placed for you by the Employment Agency. In the classroom you can add missing knowledge and get to know professions. Under certain conditions it is possible to obtain a secondary school certificate. Your career counseling will be happy to provide you with information.

Good to know: With the successful completion of your vocational training and a corresponding grade point average, you can achieve a higher school qualification.

Different paths lead to graduation

You want to catch up on your school leaving certificate, but you don't know when yet? No problem! You can also catch up on any school-leaving qualification at a later point in time, using the so-called second educational path. This is possible, for example, at evening schools or colleges. You will receive the addresses from your career counseling service.

Good to know: General information on the school system in Germany is available from the Standing Conference (KMK). You can search for educational opportunities in KURSNET.

Use information and advice

If you have any questions about your school-leaving qualification, you are welcome to contact the employment agency in your area. Talk to your career advisor in your school. You can also request an appointment by phone or using the contact form:

0800 4 555500 (toll free)

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