What does your programming workflow look like

nochstudent wrote:Even if I already know all the commands I need, for example just write simple text with not very simple formulas, then I have incredible search times when navigating through the document in Texniccenter and all similar code editors, because the code looks the same everywhere.

Do you mean that you see something in the PDF that you want to change and that it is then tedious to find the corresponding source text?
That is indeed correct, whereby (keyword SyncTeX) Many editors are able to jump from the PDF to the source text and back with quite good accuracy (i.e. +/- a few words offset).

If you generally use the Clarity and navigation in the source codemean, I agree with you, too, whereby the selection of the editor is of decisive importance here as well, since some also present the source text more clearly than others.

Otherwise it is generally helpful if you have mastered the search / replace function of the editor and B. can quickly jump to a point in the source code with the search function.

What, in my experience, (over) working a diss with LaTeX can make it slow, is that too Compile.
When I have made a small change in the text, I always want to see and control the success in the final layout immediately.
In the case of very large documents with many pages and images and a not quite up-to-date computer, the compilation of the entire document can sometimes take several minutes ... if you do this frequently, you lose a lot of time.
So you either have to get used to compiling constantly or have an editor / compiler that works as intelligently and resource-efficiently as possible, or that is able to compile just a single paragraph (or several) as a preview and not that whole document.