What's your favorite 2013 movie Why

Favorite film - what does that actually mean?

Every now and then on Sundays (or on Mondays ...) there is a chat about film, cinema, television - summarized under the title “Film am Sonntag”, or FamS for short. Different topics should address different interests and broaden my and your horizons. But the focus is on having fun with the film and everything that goes with it. I am happy if you also enjoy it.

Topic No2: Name your favorite film

“Name your favorite film”, I am faced with two problems that make it difficult for me to answer this question on the fly. Because as someone who likes to watch films a lot, I automatically ask myself two questions.

1. What does favorite film mean?

Does favorite film mean that I particularly enjoy watching a film? Or do you put your favorite film with “best film” and thus also include some technical aspects?

What I mean by that: There are a lot of films that I like to watch and that I've seen many times. In fact, this includes rather shallow films or comedies, because you can watch them again and again in between, because they put you in a good mood and because the film is still fun even after a hundred times, because something like a tension curve or a plot twist is usually not matters.

Still, something in me is reluctant to call such “simple” films my favorite films. Maybe I'm a snob there or I'm getting it wrong, but what counts for me is what is behind the film or what is going on around it. How good is the story, how is it presented and what is the performance of the actors? What kind of work do the camera, direction and music do? For me, all of this counts when it comes to the quality of a film and doesn't want to be neglected.

2. How should you call one film?

There are so many good films that meet “my criteria”. Yes, some that I would call “Favorite Movies”, but the theme is “Name Your Favorite Movie” so a movie has to be found that surpasses all others.

And amazingly (or maybe not so amazingly?) It wasn't that difficult for me. Because for eighteen months I haven't really had to think anymore when someone asks me about my favorite film. Since then I have known the answer, as if I had always been waiting for this film and back then, in August 2013, I finally met it.

We're talking about drive. Beautiful, loving, deep, brutal, emotional, vulnerable, sad, exciting. These are all words that I associate with this film. I know that not everyone sees it that way and I can understand that. Drive is probably a movie you love or hate. I love him. Also in the blog, here, here and here. That's why I don't want to get lost in long speeches about this film, but would rather find out from you which is your favorite film?

Which is your favorite movie?

What makes a “favorite film” for you?