What is Todd Snider's most successful song

Alternative guitar rock by Dinosaur Jr., BRKN with depressive soul rap pop and Todd Snider sings about deceased companions

Dinosaur Jr. - Sweep It Into Space

Yes, it's still fun, somehow. Maybe not quite the way it used to be in the “Green Mind” times, in 1991, when you were younger and swinging the rock guitar yourself. Not as filigree as J. Mascis, of course, but probably with the same fervor. And guitar doodle grandmaster Mascis is still good at what he's doing with his sidekicks, Sebadoh boss Lou Barlow on bass and drummer Murph. And it has power, although I'm sure that it sounded a bit more ambitious in the past, probably my fault. The “Sweep It Into Space”, which was actually planned for 2020, but has been postponed by a year due to Corona, sounds very live and retro and in general like garage. Schnoddrig somehow throws up, not loveless, but also not as gripping and convincing as the 93er work "Where You Been", which is still at the very top of my eternal dinosaur hitlist. Above all, the drum sound leaves a lot to be desired in 2021. Strange side fact that this time the two songs "Garden" and "You Wonder", written and sung by Lou Barlow, are actually among the best, which makes me wait for his solo album "Reason To Live", which will be released at the end of May . More about it then definitely here in the same place.

Conclusion: You can tell, I'm a bit split. But, it fits, good album, all in all ... but the drums sound really lousy, I'll stick with that.

Playing tips: "Hide Another Round", "And Me", "Take It Back" (see video) and "I Ran Away" are really fun. And, as mentioned, the two Barlow songs anyway ...

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BRKN - drama

Nora Tschirner was really big in the reporting. It was about her depression, why-why-why and above all how you manage to deal with it. Andac Berkan Akbıyık aka BRKN, born in 1991 in Berlin-Kreuzberg, is now the next to go public with his illness. And that's a good thing, because he'll rap out the souls of so many troubled people. A lot has happened and now you can talk openly about all the sadness, despair, fear and the resulting pain and senselessness. Something else is nice, of course, but it has to be dealt with, and yes, medication - like Tschirner - can of course help in the meantime. And such unbelievably honest, soulful rap-pop that comes from the inside like that of BRKN: “Fuck a love song, I have completely different problems”, he admits frankly. That might be a bit surprising for many fans, because BRKN stood for positive vibes, back then with his celebrated album "Einzimmervilla" from four years ago and the extremely fruitful collaboration with Herbert Grönemeyer ("Doppelherz / Iki Gönlüm") included the tour supports in 2018 and 19. Now a reflective BRKN, who no longer tries to break into tears, but on the contrary begins to realize that everything is actually quite good ... And so he descended into the basement of his soul and tried to clean up: “And then I realized: Hey, it works. Of course I deserve it, the success, the happiness, the satisfaction. To be loved the way I am - just like that. I made a pretty awesome album and I wrote songs that I never thought I could write. I am proud of myself and I love my life just the way it is. With all its ups and downs ... "

Conclusion: Brave and important, because it takes a lot of courage to be so honest and vulnerable and it is important for all those who struggle with similar problems. Respect and congratulations!

Playing tips: "Every night" (see video), "Drama", "1991", "No love song", "Lie to me"

Barbarisms - pressure to act

Lead singer Nicholas Faraone was obviously not doing that much better than the BRKN. After the failure of a long-term relationship, a hearty writer's block took over the reign in the songwriter's head. And so he sat down aimlessly in trains and lurched across Europe. And so now the songs chug through our ear canals and tell of migraine attacks, of the inevitable heartache after a breakup, of spiritual homelessness and the irresistibility of avoiding a problem. The album title also seems to be well chosen in this context, because it ultimately outlines the situation in the game of chess in which a player is forced to make a move, but no matter where he moves his piece, there is no ideal solution. It is possible to make a good album like this one.

Conclusion: Mostly very beautiful, deeply melancholic LoFi folk for friends from Bright Eyes to Herman Düne and Bill Callahan to The Decemberists.

Playing tips: "I Want To Change My Mind" (see video), "Central Stockholm", "Another Sunday Morning", "Trains And Horses", "Wooden Nickles"

Todd Snider - First Agnostic Church Of Hope And Wonder

The Americana singer / songwriter Todd Snider describes his sound on "First Agnostic ..." as "Funk in back and busking up front". Whatever he might have meant by that, funk can already be felt in the beginning, but more as a motivation for blues and folk and country and gospel. Speaking of which, because Snider is mainly negotiating the demise of musical companions like John Prine, for whom he wrote “Handsome John” and who passed away in April last year, but whom he will remember fondly because “nobody has ever been kinder to me “, As he remembers in the info. The opener "Turn Me Loose (I‘ll Never Be The Same)" is dedicated to the country hero Jerry Jeff Walker, who died in October last year. And so it goes on: Colonel Bruce Hampton (left by us in 2017) and Neal Casal (2019), Snider was just as inspirational as Yonder Mountain String Band founder Jeff Austin (also 2019), whom he saw in the wonderful “Sail On, My Friend “Sets a musical monument. His quite poignant, sometimes confusing narrative style is marked by disrespectful humor, which the deceased would certainly have liked.

Conclusion: Todd Snider is a likeable kiff freak, and so the album is, despite all the sad references, often a funny one, somehow ...

Playing tips: All of the above plus “Battle Hymn Of The Album” and “Stoner Yodel Number One”.

Hannah Jadagu - What Is Going On?

A guitar, garage band iOS, an iRig and an iPhone 7, that's all the 18-year-old Texan, who lives in New York, needs, in addition to her beautiful voice, of course, to sometimes enjoy so-called "bedroom pop" that is sometimes quite spherical, airy and flickering do. The wonderfully unexcited BIPoC artist with the white Rasta braids is not only a great appearance, musically she also knows how to put one or the other exclamation mark on her EP here.

Conclusion: Not everything is mandatory, but there is a great lo-fi indie talent slumbering there.

Playing tips: "Sundown", "Think To Much" and the theme song

Author: Gerald Huber