Which company makes the best tires

All tires in comparison, at the best price.

Which are the best German tire brands?

Technology "Made in Germany" has a high priority worldwide. That is in the Tire industry not different. The Tire market in Germany is from a great brand dominates: Continental. In this respect, tire production differs from automobile production, which is more diversified with numerous premium automobile manufacturers in the German-speaking market. Nonetheless, there are a few besides Continental Tire brandsthat are connected to Germany and that we would like to introduce here.

Continental: the global player

The GermanTire companyContinental is certainly one of the most famousBrands. The company, which was founded in 1871 and specializes in automotive products, has its headquarters in the capital of Lower Saxony, Hanover. The brand mainly represents Premium tires , but also produces automotive components and develops in their Subcontractor ContiTech AG Solutions for the recycling and recovery of rubber.

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In the tire business unit, some products are from Continental with drivers all over the world popular. To the best-selling Products count tires that often emerge as winners in independent tests and comparisons: for example the WinterContact TS 860 winter tires, the Summer tires PremiumContact 6, the AllSeasonContac all-season tirest or the SportContact 6 sports tires.

In addition, Continental AG is a big one Group of companieswho owns several other brands of tires, including Uniroyal, General Tire, Viking, Barum and other brands.

Do you know the Semperit tire brand?

Semperit was founded in 1824 and is no German tire marke, although theirs Company history from the beginning closely associated with Continental was. The in Austria The established tire manufacturer Semperit produces tires for a wide range of vehicles: sedans, city cars, SUVs, vans and even trucks.

Who makes the Semperit tires?

The tire brand Semperit became 1985 Taken over by the German Continental Group. Since then, Semperit has benefited from Continental AG's high level of technological expertise for its product development.

Do you know the German tire brand Fulda?

The Tire companyFulda was founded at the beginning of the 20th century in the city of the same name. It is one of the in its country of origin most popularTire brands. Fulda has this fact with the Slogan "German High Technology" written on the flag.

Who makes the Fulda tires?

Like the tire brands Dunlop and Sava, Fulda also belongs to it since 1962 with the Goodyear Dunlop group.

Motorcycle tires from the Metzeler brand

Among bikers, she enjoys GermanMetzeler tire brand a very good reputation. The company, founded in 1892, provides exclusively high qualityMotorcycle tires here.

Who makes the Metzeler tires?

Those involved in the sporting achievements of the German tire brand Interested Italian group Pirelli took over Metzeler in 1986.