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John Gielgud

John Gielgud comes from a leading family of English actors dating back to the 19th century. His aunt is the famous Ellen Terry, whose work with Henry Irving had a major impact on theater in the late 19th century in the United States and Britain. His brother, the writer Val Gielgud, also earned a lot of fame. After graduating from Westminster School, he received his training at Lady Benson's Acting School, then went to Claude Rains at the Royal Acadmy of Dramatic Art. In 1921 he began his stage career. In 1924 Gielgud's only silent film appearance took place in "Who Is the Man?". He becomes one of the most famous interpreters of British verse.

In 1925 he took over the role of Nicky Lancaster in Coward's play "The Vortex" from Noel Coward, and in 1926 he played Lewis Dodd in Margaret Kennedy's "The Constant Nymph". In the same year he joined Harcourt Williams' troupe in the "Old Vic" and played Romeo, Richard II, Macbeth and Hamlet, among others. He plays the latter more than 500 times. In 1928 the actor with the pleasant voice made his debut on Broadway in New York. In 1930 he played Hamlet for the first time at the Old Vic, when he received the award for best Shakespeare interpreter. In the same year he is John Worthing in Oscar Wilde's "The Importance of Being Ernest". Back at the Old Vic he plays Prospero and Antonius in "Antonius und Cleopatra".

From 1932 he worked as a director, occasionally also as a theater director. In 1935 he played the Mercurio and Romeo alternately with Laurence Olivier in "Romeo and Juliet" - also directed by him. Since 1936 he has been regularly engaged on Broadway. In 1937 he went to the Queens Theater and founded his own company, directed and played Shylock in "The Merchant of Venice". In 1950 he first appeared in the Shakespeare Memorial Theater as Angelo in "Maß für Maß" and in 1951 he was an unforgettable Leontes in "The Winters Tale".

In the 50s he begins to adjust to modern writers, playing N. C. Hunter, Noel Coward, Edward Albee, Alan Bennett, David Storey, Edward Bond, Harold Pinter and Julian Mitchell. When Peter Hall took over the management of the National Theater, Gielgud played Prospero in "Sturm" at the opening of the season in 1974. His cinema roles are primarily Shakespeare roles, such as Cassius in Joseph Mankiewicz's "Julius Caesar"(1953), the Clarence in Laurence Olivier's" Richard III. "(1955), the Henry IV. In Orson Welles'" Falstaff - Chimes at Midnight "(1966) and the Caesar in Stuart Burge's" Julius Caesar "(1970 ). For his role in Peter Glenvilles "Becket"Gielgud received an Oscar nomination in 1964. He works with director Tony Richardson in the evil satire"Death in hollywood"(1965) and" Attack of the Light Brigade "(1968) together. 1974 he plays in Sidney Lumets"Murder on the Orient Express"and 1977 in Jack Gold's" Battle in the Clouds ".

In 1977 he received the New York Film Critics' Prize for the Alain Resnais film "Providence". 1979 he is in Andrzej Wajda's" The Conductor "and 1980 in Hugh Hudsons"The hour of the victor"To see. In the same year he plays in David Lynchs"The elephant manIn 1981 he received an Oscar for the supporting role in Steve Gordon's "Arthur - No Child of Sadness", followed in the same year by Richard Attenborough's "Gandhi". In 1978 you can see him at the side of Peter Ustinov in"Rendezvous with a corpse", 1990 Gielgud works under the direction of Peter Greenaway and mimes Prospero in his storm adaptation"Prospero's books". In 1995 he was there when Al Pacino made his ambitious Shakespeare film"Looking for Richard"turns and of course Gielgud is part of the lavish team of Kenneth Branaghs"Hamlet"(1996) and the multiple Oscar-nominated historical drama"Elizabeth" (1998).

Other films with John Gielgud: "Secret agent"(1936)," The Prime Minister "(1941),"In 80 days around the world"," The Barretts Of Wimpole Street "(both 1956),"Saint Joan"(1957)," His Most Dangerous Mission "(1966)," The Mysterious Mr. Sebastian ","In the fisherman's shoes"(both 1968),"gold"(1973)," Diamonds and Cockroaches "(1974)," The Adventures of Joseph Andrews "(1976),"The human factor" (1979), "Caligula"," The Curse of the Sphinx "," The Formula "(all 1980)," In the tropics of the Cross "(1983)," A Demancipated Woman "(1985)," Agent Crossfire "(1986)," Bluebeard and his Children "(1987)," A man for every season "," Arthur II ","That darn first time"," Firestorm and Ashes "(all 1988)," The Strauss Dynasty "(1989)," In the shine of the sun "," Like a light in a dark night "(both 1992),"Scarlett" (1994), "The 1st knight", "Gulliver's Travels", "Haunted - house of spirits"(all 1995),"A portrait of a lady", "Shine - the way into light"(both 1996) and"Merlin" (1998).