What significance does the discussion serve?


A discussion is a conversation. Those who take part are called discussants. They don't usually have the same opinion. During the discussion, the participants try to make their point of view clear. The others should be convinced. The word comes from Latin: "discussio" means something like test or investigation.

There are rules for a good discussion. The discussants should, for example, be prepared and have learned about the topic. Then it is easier for them to argue with arguments. An argument is an assertion, a statement with which one supports an opinion or another argument.

One of the rules of a good discussion is how to talk to one another. A discussant must be able to present his arguments and opinions without the other interrupting the word immediately. But he mustn't talk too long either.

You try to convince the other discussant of your own opinion. But that often doesn't work. At least one wants to make an impression on the audience in a discussion. Sometimes the discussants find a common opinion that they can live with.

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