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BTS facts

I'm sorry the facts come so late // Take my laziness away. What do you think I should also have an update day in this book? //. Here are the promised facts: D


1.Jin's favorite number is 4.

2. Jin likes to cook.

3. Jin's favorite color is pink.

4. Jin and Jimin go to the gym together.

5. Jin likes to use aegyo.

6. Of all the BTS members, Jin cares most about his appearance.

7. His role model is TOP from BIG BANG.

8. He wants Jimin's para.

9. Jin gets up 2 hours earlier than the other members.

10. Jin's ideal type is a good, nice woman who is good at cooking.


11. Suga's favorite number is 3.

12. Suga's favorite color is white.

13. Suga's English is bad.

14. Suga loves basketball

15. He doesn't like to sweat or when he's tired.

16. Suga thinks his legs are beautiful.

17. Suga was named that by the CEO because he's pale and his smile is cute.

18. He won 2nd place in the 'Big Hit Audition'.

19. Suga wanted to be a firefighter, basketball player, or musician when he was a little boy.

20. Suga was sad when his parents couldn't come to Seoul / for a concert because they were busy.


21. J-HOPE's favorite color is green.

22. J-HOPE's favorite season is spring.

23. J-HOPE's favorite number is 7.

24. J-HOPE's face is 27cm long.

25. J-HOPE is best friends with Jungkook.

26. J-HOPE has a dog named 'Mickey'.

27. J-HOPE and Suga are bad at drawing.

28. J-HOPE is sometimes like the BTS Amma, because he annoys the members sometimes, like a real mother.

29. When he is tense he looks up at the sky and is better.

30. When BTS came home at 5:00 am after the 10 hour dress rehearsal of 'Boy In Luv', no one hesitated to take a shower, even if they were very exhausted and just wanted to go to bed. It seemed that J-HOPE was too lazy for that, he was lying on the bed and surfing the internet a bit. Suga then asked him 'Hey, don't you want to take a shower?' . Suga just asked, but looked like J-HOPE was offended.

J-HOPE: 'SUGA !! You know I always shower! I'll be taking a shower in 5 minutes! I can't sleep without taking a shower! '
Suga: 'Ugh .. Ok ..'

In the end, J-HOPE slept on his laptop in his bed without taking a shower.

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