What archaeological evidence is there of Jesus?

"We can hardly prove an individual like Jesus"

Why is that so important?
In the best case, our excavation results correlate with the texts that have come down to us. One of my excavation projects was in Kinneret, a place on the Sea of ​​Galilee. The results fit into the picture. The settlement existed for only 30 or 40 years in the 8th century BC - right before the Assyrians conquered Jerusalem. The complete destruction could also be proven for Kinneret. This is an anchor point for the country's chronology. You can imagine our work like this: There is a puzzle with 1000 pieces, but you only have 50 pieces of it - and you still have to think about which motif could be represented. Archeology offers additional pieces of the puzzle that we did not yet know from the textual representations.

Are you only concerned with biblical times?
For the most part already. This is also due to the fact that my discipline is a local expression of prehistory and early history. Classical archaeologists are better trained for everything that comes from the Hellenistic period, i.e. from Alexander the Great. At that time, the urban structure changed, so other methods are required. In the Hellenistic, Roman and Byzantine times there were large, monumental buildings. These buildings can be exposed, the pillars can be put up again. I am more concerned with fragments of what used to be architecture. At that time it was not built so permanently. The floors were not made of stone, but simply solid earth, which can still be seen in the soil layer today. But of course we don't just clear away everything that lies above with the bulldozer. In addition, we also provide information about later epochs.

Which for example?
Jaffa had a fruit and vegetable market around the early 20th century. There are also some photos of this. Through our excavations, we were able to prove that it was an established market with semi-permanent stalls because we found remains of it. These are diverse stories that we deal with.