How long can a cannula stay in there

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Hello, I am currently doing an internship, have just tried to research something on the Internet, but I have not succeeded and I have not asked yet.
Can an access also remain in the arm if no more infusion solution is given, e.g. overnight if the treatment is continued the other day or does fluid have to flow through continuously so that nothing becomes blocked?
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You just have to rinse them well with saline so that no blood remains in them that can clot.
There are also mandrins that can be inserted so that the lumen remains open.

And at least here there are in-house guidelines on when and for how long this is allowed.

But it shouldn't be left unused for too long either. It is, after all, a source of infection.

Yes, the cannula can remain in place. However, a dressing change must be carried out here at least every 72 hours. In addition, the injection site must be observed for signs of infection.

Every entry into the body is always a source of infection.

Of course you are also right that the blood can clot and thus the access can be blocked. In practice, the access is then often washed up. However, there is always the risk that a clot will loosen and cause damage.

Otherwise, the form of access must also be differentiated. In the case of central entrances, something should always run over the entrance (Infusomat) so that it does not become blocked.

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