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BIM - Building Information Modeling with Allplan

What is BIM? What are the advantages of BIM?

BIM (Building Information Modeling) is a model-based working method that aims to improve cooperation and communication between all planning partners. This creates more transparency from the planning to the operation of a building. Better access to information increases the quality of planning, reduces errors and thus costs.

What are the basic requirements?

The BIM workflow is based on intensive communication and cooperation between the planning partners. For this, BIM-compatible software must be available, combined with the willingness to embrace new working methods. An analysis of the current situation, if necessary further training and intensive discussions with the planning partners are the basis of a successful conversion to the BIM-oriented way of working.

What does BIM mean for Allplan users?

Allplan offers a 3D model enriched with information (attributes). This intelligent model forms the basis for all BIM work processes through to cost estimates, statics, facility management and energy consulting. BIM planners work more efficiently and securely. Duplicate drawing and other error-prone tasks are a thing of the past. Allplan users who are already working with 3D components have already taken the biggest step towards BIM.

How can I continue my education?

Depending on your individual previous knowledge, you can continue your education in various seminars. Our basic and advanced courses for architects and engineers impart in-depth knowledge of the 3D working method in Allplan. For users who have previously worked in 2D, the special course "From 2D to 3D - BIM-oriented work" is recommended. Users who are already working securely in 3D can complete BIM certification from Allplan Deutschland GmbH. To prepare for the practical part of the exam, we offer optional one-day preparatory courses. With the Allplan BIM Compendium, Allplan provides a comprehensive, free manual on the theory and practice of BIM planning. The BIM compendium is also the basis for BIM certification.

Certification as Allplan BIM Modeler - including preparatory seminar

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With the Allplan BIM Modeler certificate, you can prove your knowledge of BIM and your skills in creating BIM-compliant building models in Allplan and document your company's BIM competence. As an Allplan BIM Modeler, you not only have extensive Allplan knowledge, but also special knowledge that is required to deal with BIM building models. You also have knowledge of data exchange and collaboration on BIM projects, as effective interdisciplinary cooperation is a central aspect of the BIM working method.

What are the advantages of certification?

  • Proof of your company's BIM competence
  • Creation of BIM-compliant building models
  • Use the full range of functions in Allplan
  • Improved cooperation with planning partners

Allplan Bimplus - The open BIM platform

Allplan Bimplus is the open BIM platform for your construction projects. Use the added value of your 3D building model! BIM models are stored, visualized and coordinated in Bimplus - regardless of the software used by those involved in the project. Invite colleagues and planning partners so that you can control and follow the planning and construction progress together. As of version 2017, Allplan users are directly connected to Bimplus via the task board and can easily create and manage tasks for everyone involved.