What does out to move


  • that sat! · He was sitting! · Caught! · Well given! · Touché!
  • to give (someone) (properly) the opinion · to inform (someone) properly · to give it to someone ● to inform (someone) fig. · ↗ (somebody) shining home obsolete · violin (somebody's) opinion inf., Fig.
  • read (someone) the riot act · give (someone) hard feedback · ↗ (someone) shine in their homes · ↗ scolded · ↗ scold · Remind · ↗ruffle · rebuking · criticize sharply · scolding en · ↗warn · call for order · ↗prove ● (something to someone) write in the register fig. · Give (someone) a reprimand, official German · ↗tadeln main form · (someone) stumble upon infos. · (Someone) on the roof st own coll., fig. · Rip (somebody's) ass coarse · (somebody) wash one's head inf., Fig. · To blow the march (to someone) inf., Out of date · to clearly express your opinion (to someone) inf. · To teach (someone) the tones of the flute inf., Fig. · To stretch (someone) the mutton legs inf., Fig. · Violate (someone's) opinion inf. · Pump up (someone's) shoes inf., Fig. · Make (someone) a (clear) announcement inf. · Miss (someone) a (big) cigar (possibly out of date) inf. · Put one on the lid (someone) inf. · show (someone) where the frog's curls are collapsed, fig. · Show (someone) where the hammer hangs inf., Fig. · Show (someone) where to go inf., Fig. · Teach (someone) more mores go. · Bring (someone) into line coll. · Bring (someone) into shape coll., Fig. · To freshen up (someone) inf., Fig. · ↗ to make (someone) long inf. · ↗ to fold (someone) inf. · ↗ to button (someone) forward inf. admonieren go., outdated · ↗zurchtstutzen coll., fig. · ↗to collapse coll., Fig.
  • ↗ to hit (someone) · ↗to hit ● hit (someone) also figuratively · to hit (someone) a thing inf. · To give (someone) a blow inf. · To give (someone) a blow inf. · To give (someone) a blow inf., Variable · to give one to (someone) inf. · to give (to someone) one to give inf., also figurative · to give (to someone) one to infect. · to fry (someone) one inf.