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The PONS text translation - now new with many practical functions

PONS users have been benefiting from our online text translation in currently 38 language directions for 10 years. But now it's time to upgrade! Get to know the new features of our interface, with which your translation will now be even better and tailored precisely to your needs. Of course, we will continue to provide you with our service free of charge and also as an app. All features first for the language combinations of German, English, Italian, Spanish and French. Further features and language combinations will follow.

Voice input and output (if supported by the browser)

Don't feel like typing? No matter! Just say your sentence. Click the microphone icon under the translation field. Your sentence will be recorded and translated directly into the target field. There, too, you can have the sentence read out to you in the target language. To do this, click on the loudspeaker icon under the target field. Somehow practicallywe mean.

Connection to the PONS online dictionary

Regardless of the target language you translate into, your output text is linked to our online dictionary. Click on individual words in the output text field if you want to know more about their meaning. We'll take you straight to the dictionary entry. Everything whole detailed and verifiable, If you want!

Translate and copy

Our users wanted it - here it is: With the copy button below the target field, you can easily copy the translation with one click and paste it where you really need it. This button can also be found under the input field if this text is also needed somewhere. Easy uncomplicated!

Did you like our new features? Then we look forward to yours now Star rating above under the text field!