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Duration of the dog trainer training

How long does the dog trainer training take?

You should plan a total of 24-36 months for the entire dog trainer training. That seems like a lot, but the dog trainer profession is demanding and does not just consist of simple "dog training". You can only stand out from other dog trainers with better and deeper qualifications - and thus be more successful in the long term.

Your start at the ATN consists of working through the 20 lessons of the distance learning course - the theoretical basis of your training as a dog trainer. You will need around 20 months for this if you are studying part-time.

You conclude the distance learning course with a written final exam with MC questions. As a rule, you will have completed the entire theoretical part of the training, including the written examination, after 24 months at the latest.

When do I start the practical dog trainer training?

You can begin with the practical part of the training, i.e. the practical seminars, when you have completely worked through the first six lessons of the distance learning course. This is important because the practical seminars build on your basic knowledge of ethology, learning behavior and dog training. In some cases, individual practical seminars build on one another - but we will inform you about this individually.

The practical part of the training concludes with an oral-practical final examination. Among other things, you will be introduced to a strange human-dog team that will guide you in setting up and implementing various exercises.

For the practical part of the training, including the oral-practical final exam, you should plan 12-18 months from the date of your first practical seminar.

We assume that you will complete your dog trainer training within two to three years. You should redeem your seminar vouchers within this time.

Do I have to do internships in a dog school?

No, internships are on a voluntary basis. You should first have attended at least a few practical seminars, e.g. learning and education 1-3 and behavioral training 1-2, before doing an internship. On the other hand, you can take part in internships regardless of completed practical seminars.

The training to become a dog trainer in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and South Tyrol includes:

  • 20 very extensive lessons of the distance learning course "Dog Science", that is the theory for dog trainers
  • 10 practical seminars for the dog trainer
  • 1 freely selectable seminar from the entire range of seminars for dog trainers
  • Lots of video clips and video seminars that will greatly support your training as a dog trainer
  • Regular exchange with your tutors
  • Exchange in the student forum - supervised by lecturers
  • Regular, interactive practical exercises as part of a "workbook"

and optionally:

  • Possibility of a combination with the training to become an assistant dog trainer, dog behavior advisor and dog health trainer
  • Book the IHK Wirtschaftsakademie module free of charge

If you have passed the written exam in the dog science distance learning course, you will receive a corresponding certificate from the Academy for Animal Naturopathy. Graduates who have attended the distance learning course and the seminars / internships (are included in the course costs) have access to the oral-practical final exam as a dog trainer.

After this oral-practical final exam, you will receive your certificate as an ATN-certified dog trainer.

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