What are the interesting facts about Luxembourg

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1. Luxembourg is one of the richest countries in the world

Qatar and Luxembourg are in a close race for the richest country on earth (measured by GDP per capita) - although Qatar is still in first place, Luxembourg could become the richest country on the planet in the coming years!

2. Luxembourg is the only Grand Duchy in the world

While other grand duchies such as Tuscany or Hesse existed in the Middle Ages, Luxembourg is now the only country in the world that has a grand duke as head of state. His Royal Highness Henri currently holds this position.

3. Luxembourg is named after a small castle

When Count Siegfried founded the castle "Lucilinburhuc" (Old Saxon for "small castle)" in 963, he probably had no idea that it would one day become an important European state. At some point the word “Lucilinburhuc” was transformed into “Lützelburg”, which in turn became “Luxemburg”.

4. Almost half of the population are not Luxembourgers

Luxembourg has a long history of recruiting guest workers. The steel industry in particular attracted many Portuguese to the country, so that today almost 17% of the total population are Portuguese.

5. The state motto of Luxembourg is "I wëlle bleiwe wat mir sinn"

Luxembourgers are attached to their homeland and down to earth. This can also be seen in their motto “I wëlle bleiwe wat mir sinn”, in German: We want to stay what we are.

6. Most Luxembourgers grow up trilingual

Luxembourg is centrally located between France and Germany. So it's no wonder that most of the locals speak both German and French. But Luxembourg also has its own language: the so-called Letzeburgisch, a Moselle-Franconian dialect.

7. Luxembourg is an international financial center

Due to low tax rates and committed cooperation within the European Union, Luxembourg is the seat of many important financial institutions, including 149 banks and 3,500 investment funds.

8. The Schengen Agreement is named after a small town in Luxembourg

Within the EU, borders can be overcome without disruptive controls. The underlying agreement was signed in the small Luxembourg Moselle town of Schengen.

9. 2 Nobel Prize winners come from Luxembourg

Jules A. Hoffmann and Gabriel Lippmann from Luxembourg have won Nobel Prizes. In the statistics of the Nobel Prizes per capita, Luxembourg is in second place! Only the small Caribbean nation of St. Lucia was able to win more Nobel Prizes per capita.

10. Popular national snacks are "Gromperekichelcher" and "Bouneschlupp"

Gromperekichelcher are the Luxembourgish variant of potato pancakes or potato pancakes. Bouneschlupp is a bean soup with potatoes, bacon and onions. Delicious!

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